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Halaal Wedding Venues in South Africa

  Getting married? Planning a wedding can be a joyous albeit a stressful time. I’ve compiled a list of halaal venues that provide an all in one… Read more »

Urban Low Carb, halaal and banting friendly

Urban Low Carb, halaal and banting friendly

I was invited to the launch of Urban Low Carb and Nalane Designs last week. It being at 1 o’ clock on a Saturday, I thought I… Read more »

Locations & Map

  • : Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
  • Is Marmite Halaal?

    You either love it or you hate it, but Marmite has become an iconic brand and product. First marketed in the United Kingdom over 100 years ago… Read more »

    Updated Ramadaan Restaurant Specials 2014

    We’re almost half way through Ramadaan. If you’re looking to enjoy Iftaar out you can find some more Ramadaan specials below. Alhambra: Iftaar Buffet for R120 Fiday… Read more »