Khaki-ccino, Newlands

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Newlands On Main, 7708 Main Rd, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

082 492 9961

6.00 - 16.30 Mon to Friday
9.00 - 12.00 weekends

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I’ve spotted the Khaki-ccino coffee truck at one or 2 markets I’d been to recently but never tried out the coffee and then I was invited by the owner of Khaki-ccino to come and try out their breakfast. So diligent food sleuth that I am, I decided to brave the Cape Town traffic beyond the boerewors curtain and break new frontiers for my loyal audience.

This little gem is literally quite small. There are 2 tables and a benched table inside with a counter along one wall. A few more tables outside on the sidewalk makes it possible to seat a few more people. It’s easy to miss on the busy Claremont Main road. While situated in the front of the Newlands on Main building it is obscured by the building’s pillars and a big ‘ol city council tree. I passed right by it and had to make a U turn further down the road to come back. There is some parking inside the building, I didn’t even have to pay for it. But the main patrons are mostly from the surrounding offices or people working in the area. The decor is casual, rustic but still trendy, the fresh pink proteas complementing the dark red walls perfectly.

Imraan Khaki, the owner, chatted with me amiably through my breakfast choice of a Chilli Chicken and Mozzarella on a Bagel with an Iced Coffee on the side. My breakfast choice is also the choice of a certain celebrity aka Michael Mol, who pops in here daily. The bagel was tasty and not too hot as in spicy, a good choice and was enough for me but may not be a big enough choice for the very hungry. The Iced coffee is made in the original style with ice and milk. It’s not the rich confection made with ice cream that most of us are used to. It was refreshing with my meal. You can have it without sugar or ask them to add your sugar when they make it.  Imraan hails from Durban but moved to Cape Town in his teens and has a firm background in the food industry. It’s obvious he is a peoples’ person, as he greets almost every person by name that comes in the door or walks past the shop. He has definite plans to grow Khaki-ccino and open a few more branches Insha Allah.

Khaki-ccino Hungry for halaal

The menu is mostly breakfast and light meals like sandwiches, trammezinis, salads, muffins and of course coffee which is their speciality, Origin blend which is great. They do a French toast with Macon, caramelized banana and mascarpone topped with maple syrup which has become their most popular breakfast dish. Average price on breakfast is about R45 which is good value. Their tuna salad is at R30 and they have a great special of a toasted cheese and tomato and cappucino for R30.

They have a loyalty card where for every 10 cappucinos you buy, you get 1 free. The coffee truck can be spotted at some markets and events around Cape Town and sells muffins and snacks as well. They are open week days from 6am to 4.30pm and weekends 9-12pm but unfortunately they don’t serve breakfast on the weekends.

Muslim Owned

Breakfast, Casual Dining, Lunch,

Cheap | Under R100,



Off Street

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