Mac’s Grill, Panorama

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Panorama, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


18:00 - 20:00 Friday's only

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With the proliferation of home vendors springing up all over Cape Town, it’s no surprise and also high time that the Northern suburbs comes into it’s own. Last week I highlighted The Gourmet Boerie from Parow East, today we experience flame grilled chicken burgers from Mac’s Grill in the picturesque suburb of Panorama.

This order in and collect home business operates on Friday nights only, and is the brainwave of Ismail and Raeesa Mukadam. We got to try the Lekka Burger which is the only burger on the menu and comes standard with chips and the option of add on’s like avo, pineapple or caramelised onions.

What’s lekker about the Lekker Burger is that the basic burger is already bursting with extras. It comes standard with jalapenos, pepperdews, mushroom sauce and cheese. The chicken fillet is a generous 130g isĀ marinated with a secret sauce and flame grilled on an open fire. All this flavour definitely comes through in the final product. We had one standard, one with avo and onion and one with pineapple. Hubby enjoyed the pineapple one, I felt that the avo and onion were almost wasted on mine as there was so much flavour already you could barely taste the avo. The chips were good with a nice seasoning. There was a definite messy factor, which for many is quite important. If your hands are not dripping with sauce and you’re not licking your fingers after then it didn’t make the grade. If that’s your thing, then the Lekker Burger ticks that box too.

The price for the basic is R60 with chips and the addition of avo, pineapple or caramelised onions is R5 extra each. They are sticking to the chicken burger only for now but may look at offering other types in the future. Give them a go if you’re in the 7500. That’s the North if you didn’t know….. šŸ˜‚

Listed: 22 November 2017

Muslim Owned

Casual Dining, Dinner,

Cheap | Under R100,

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