Primi Roastery, V&A Waterfront

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PRIMI ROASTERY, V & A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

+27 21 418-3825/6

9.30 - 22.00 Monday to Sunday

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When you work from home, cabin fever is a regular hazard. At least 2 nights a week, when most other people are home from work and settling in to an evening routine I’m finding excuses to get out of the house. This week’s escape from home ended up in a touristy adventure at the V&A Waterfront.

It was warm and balmy at the V&A and as soon as my little one spotted the jungle gym outside the food court at the V&A, that was it for us. We were going nowhere until he had had his time clambering around the ropes and slides. While his dad watched him like a hawk I headed over to Primi Roastery which is right in front of the jungle gym. From the outside seats you can in fact see the kids playing. Primi Roastery has been around for some years, but I had just never had the inclination to try it. Partly because eating roast chicken can be a messy affair and has to be done with the hands. I prefer this kind of food at home. And partly, because no one has ever come to me and said, Wow! have you tried Primi’s Roastery chicken yet? Well, the time had come for me to put it to the test. So I rolled up my sleeves and headed over to the counter to place my order.

Primi’s Roastery serves casual, fast and healthy Rotissery Chicken. They also offer Chicken Livers and Wings and an array of healthy sides if you don’t want chips. The setup is casual with seating in front of the store in the food court. We ordered at the counter and the friendly teller was happy to tell me all about the product. Chicken is flavoured with Paprika and Thyme and you can choose a sauce on the side if you like. Choose from Bistro Gravy, Lemon Chilli Salsa, Green Chilli & Coriander Salsa, & Aioli. I ordered a quarter chicken with chips and a quarter with sides. and opted for no sauce as I wanted to taste the chicken itself. I also ordered the chicken Livers which comes with a Baguette. Add in the Butternut, Feta and Sunflower seed side dish and a Greek Pasta Salad brought our total to about R150. Not too bad.

I like the way they serve their food. In wooden trays lined with checkered paper. A very picnicky feel. Trying to eat with the plastic cutlery was a non starter so I just got stuck in there with my hands. The rotissery gives the chicken that distinctive chargrilled taste which I really enjoyed. The parika and thyme taste was very faint and I think it could have been more apparent. The chips are rustic with the skin still on. The livers are really good. It’s very different from the Nando’s flavour. Not as searingly hot for one. It’s tasty and flavourful and definitely got hubby’s vote. The veggies in the pasta salad were soggy and not enjoyable but I loved the butternut side which had a lovely flavour all on it’s own. Oh, did I mention the chicken is locally sourced, Free Range and hormone free? I should have been eating here ages ago.

After we had eaten, Taufeeq’s curiosity got the better of all of us when he spotted the beautifully lit up Cape Wheel and insisted on a ride. And that is how I finally made it onto the Cape Wheel. Sad to see that Coca Cola had manged to get their branding underneath every carraige on the wheel. It kind of cheapens how it looks when you’re up close. But the ride was no less spectacular for seeing Cape Town from a dizzy height at night. Tourist in my home town. Loved it.

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