Senhor Calistos, Woodstock, Cape Town

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163 Victoria Road, corner Dublin Street, Woodstock, Western Cape, South Africa

021 448 6523

10.30 - 22.30 Mo -Thurs
10.30 - 23.30 Fri-Sat
10.30 - 22.00 Sunday

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Senhor Calistos was an accidental find in our quest for fish and chips one Saturday. We had popped in to Fishaways on the Main road in Woodstock and just two doors down Senhor Calistos caught my eye. I looked unfamiliar but interesting so I popped over and took a gander. Today’s photo’s not so great. In my defence, I was ravenous and took them in a hurry so I could tuck in.

The first thing I thought when I went inside was that it had a very Nando’s feel. Portuguese flame grilled chicken seemed the main offering but here’s the bait that got me hook, line and sinker – fried squid heads! Those crispy little critters that you only used to get at Ocean Basket are available here as well. Turns out, they do seafood as well. Even prawns and crayfish. My salivary glands activated I proceeded to place a second order for lunch along with the Fishaways order we had already placed. Prawns and chips, a side of crispy critters and a chicken burger cos we had to taste test. Note, they’ve added a South African spin to the Portuguese with pap and gravy as an alternative to chips or rice.

While waiting for our order we took a look around the space. There was an adjoining seating area which was nicely furnished in warm colours and wooden tables. There’s a new branch which just opened in Goodwood as well and the setup there looks even better and a bit bigger. There are several branches in Jozi, but their website is down at the moment and from what I could tell from the net, only the Norwood branch is halaal. In Cape Town, both the Woodstock and Goodwood branches are halaal.

Our prawns took a bit long but the owner assured us it was worth the wait. We collected the order and and headed home. Our food was still lukewarm after the 25 minute drive and in future I will rather eat at the venue if I order prawns. But truth be told, it was some of the best prawns I’ve had in a long time. Tasty, succulent and a solid size. Not those dinky little things that pass for large prawns at some famous establishments. The marinade was spicy and tangy. The extra chilli on the side was super hot and deserved it’s own photo as you can see. The chips were chunky and rustic and the squid heads did not disappoint. Only the burger did not impress. I found it a bit too messy and taste just did not measure up after the prawns. Perhaps I should try it again on it’s own. Just writing this post has me making a mental note to check out the Goodwood branch this very weekend.

The Double D burger

The Jalapeno and Cheese burger

Prices are much like Nandos. Burgers start at R33 up to R58 for the Double D with cool add-ons like onion marmalade, yum! A quarter chicken combo comes in at R50. Our prawns were a bit pricey but worth every penny and the squid heads pretty cheap at R25 a serving (only when available, sadly).

So definitely a do again. Take the whole family and Nando’s, watch out!

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