Spice it Up, Goodwood

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120 Voortrekker Road, Goodwood, Cape Town

021 591 2531

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Spice it up in Goodwood takes us to the boerewors side of the Boerewors Gordyn. Spice it Up is a relative newbie, and to be fair can hardly be called iconic as it’s just not been around long enough. But it is one of the few decent halaal takeouts that are open late-ish and serve a  variety of food of a good standard. Right next door is their adjoining spice shop, one of the few in the Northern Suburbs.

The takeout menu has all the usual suspects, from Gatsby’s and Burgers to Pizzas and grills. One thing they have that you don’t get everywhere else is a grill platter with a chicken or beef skewer or fillet served with chips and a pita. The seasoning they use on the chips and pita is specific to them and makes the taste unique. They have good pizzas. I particularly like their Moroccan which has char grilled bbq chicken with pepperdews and they make an awesome Garlic Chita.

I’ve had their Steak Gatsby with perinaise and while I’m not a Gatsby afficianado it was quite good. I’ve heard people say though that their Gatsby’s need to be served with slap chips rather than the  style of chips that they usually make which is crispier. Their double hotdog is great too and I always order it with perinaise. It’s become my go to place for this, my comfort / lazy friday night food because it’s proximity makes it easier than going all the way to Wembley. A decent 7 on the HFH hotdog meter.

The spice shop next door sells everything from large Indian pots and gas cookers to a big variety of spices, rice and even frozen savouries. You can even get your Puri and Patha here. They also have their own range of packaged spices and masalas. The owner tells me they pack and import their spices direct from India so it’s more pure and less blended than many that you get here. I haven’t really seen much Indian vegetables though. You’re more likely to find that at the Spice Shop in Cravenby for the Northerners.

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  1. Tazz
    7th October 2016 at 1:01 pm Reply

    Pizza is not bad at all. A little overpriced for a Take-away in goodwood. If it was more reasonably priced I would probably buy the pizzas more often

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