Is Purity Baby Food Halaal?

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My little boy is 18 months old today. Although it seems like such a short time, we have come a long way from the early days of swaddling and sleeping all day, to bottles and breastfeeding, to introducing solids and now to fighting against taking naps. It’s amazing how much development goes on in that little being over the first year. More than over the rest of their lives.

As a new mom, starting your baby on solid foods always comes with a million questions. What do I start with? How much is enough? Is it ok if I cooked it yesterday? How safe is the microwave?

With all the pressure of feeding your child the most natural, the freshest and most unprocessed foods possible you can become quite overwhelmed with all the work that goes into that. As it is, you’re exhausted from lack of sleep and going loopy with all the hormones still in your system, so forgive me for seeking a little help from the baby food aisle.

The first time I picked up a Purity foods jar I was surprised to find there was no Halaal sign on it. Somehow, I just assumed it was. We all know Purity right? It’s been around since forever. It didn’t occur to me that it might not be.

So I played it safe and only bought the fruit flavours. I went onto the website and couldn’t find any information so I stayed away from the meat flavours until I managed to contact Purity. So is it or isn’t it?

As it turns out, Purity is in fact Halaal. They have a Halaal Certificate on their website. So I could have safely bought the meat flavours if I wanted to. I asked why then do they not have the logo on their bottles.

They informed me that the various Muslim Certification bodies in South Africa were in talks as to developing a uniform certification and that they were waiting on the completion of that process before adding it to their packaging.

I must admit, even knowing all this, I still don’t buy the meat flavoured Purity. Interesting how much peace of mind that logo creates.


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  • Thank you for this information. It turns out that for the year 2020, its mostly their non-meat products that are halaal.