Nando’s Drive-Thru opens in Goodwood

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I just had some feedback on my original post. There are in fact other Nando’s Drive-thru’s in Cape town. There’s one in Milnerton, Parklands and Grassy Park. Thanks Mossina for the heads up.
A new Nando’s Drive-thru has just opened in Goodwood, Cape Town. It’s the first Nando’s Drive-thru I’ve seen but there are 3 more in Gauteng and 3 in Kwazulu Natal.

It’s right next to the Virgin Active Gym. Suitably placed along with KFC and Macdonalds to torture gym goers as they are leaving. I know I’ve certainly ruined a good workout with a KFC Zinger once or twice.

This branch is open till 11pm and 12am on Friday and Saturday night. Find them at:

Solly Smiedt St, N1 City Value Centre, Cape Town

Tel: 021 595 0081

Most of the locals are familiar with Nandos, but if you’re from far and away, Nando’s serves up a healthier alternative Grilled Portuguese flavoured Chicken with all the accompaniments. All branches in South Africa are supplied with halaal meat. Most are certified halaal but a few that serve alcohol are not.



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  • they do not answer your call. i want to lay a complaint
    yet when you select the number the call gets disconnected

    seriously not happy with there service

    the staff are not even able to get a simple order right