South African Airports with Halaal food and Prayer facilities

Airport Cape Town Hungry for Halaal

Traveling around the country used to be exciting and glamorous and certainly not a weekly occurrence. You had to be a serious jet-setter with heavy moneybags to afford it. Now it has become par for the course and is as ho hum as catching the train. For many it starts out with excitement as part of a new job that includes lots of travel, meeting new people and seeing new places and often deteriorates into lonely and and exhausting trips away from home and family. And one of the many things to contend with is having food on the run. At conferences and business meetings where your dietary needs as a Muslim is seldom taken into account.

At least the airports in South Africa have picked up on this, whether consciously as a business strategy or unconsciously, they have become quite halaal friendly over the last few years. Unless you’re in some remote part of the country at a tiny little airport with one Cessna, it’s not that difficult to get some halaal food to sort you out on a layover. Even prayer rooms have been modernised to take into account the need for ablution (wudu) facilities.

Here is a list of all the airports in South Africa where you can make Salaah comfortably and get some halaal nosh.

Cape Town International Airport
Has Muslim friendly prayer and ablution facilities.

Halaal food is available at:

  • Steers
  • Debonairs
  • KFC
  • Barcelos

Oliver Tambo International Airport
Has Muslim friendly prayer and ablution facilities. The Muslim prayer facility is open 24/7 for prayer and quiet time.  There is a Friday prayer service held just after noon with both a male and female facility. This facility is located in the basement parkade closest to Terminal A arrivals. For more info contact Ahmed on 0835443419.

Halaal food is available at:
Domestic site:

  • KFC
  • Piece a Pizza
  • Cappello
  • Nando’s

International site:

  • Piece a Pizza
  • Newtons
  • Haagen Dazs – sweets and chocolates
  • The Taste of Africa – Halaal biltong in beef, Kudu and Ostrich
  • Dinner – Everything is Halaal

King Shaka International Airport
Has Muslim friendly prayer and ablution facilities

Halaal food is available at:
  • KFC

Lanseria Airport
Has Muslim friendly prayer and ablution facilities open from 5am to 11pm. Located on the first floor of the new Parkade. Facilities for both males and females.

Port Elizabeth Airport
Has Prayer rooms and the Primi Cafe is halaal.

Updated 21 March 2016


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  • Asalaamu alaykum.
    I was at Lanseria Airport last week Monday, knowing there’s salaah facilities, but when I looked outside, they busy building a new car park.
    I asked the gentleman at the Information deck,and he said there’s no salaah facilities anymore because of the building going on.

  • Salaamz all …as far as I know @ Lanseria International Airport …the Kuaia is certified halaal and the prayer facilities are under construction so that’s not being in use anymore at Lanseria International Airport

    • Hi Luqmaan. The Kauai website lists that branch as halaal and the staff in the store have also confirmed they have a certificate.

  • Salam Alaykum, Please is there any mosjid close to SA Red cross Air Mercy Service Cape Town International Air Port 7525. Kindly help me with Halal food in that neigbourhood

    • Assalamualaikum: Masjids close to Red Cross: Masjid ar Rashideen (Mowbray Masjid): Queen Street Mowbray; Claremont Main Road Mosque (near the shopping HUB Cavendish); Claremont Sunni Masjid: Harvey Rd, Phone: 021 697 5268; Masjidul Quds: Balu Parker Blvd, Gatesville,
      Phone: 021 699 1999; Zenatul Islam in Muir str – district 6

  • Hi Ameera. Capello’s is in the process of applying for certification from Sanha but it has not been finalised yet.

  • Shukran for maintaining this site and sharing the information. May you be rewarded abundantly IA. If possible, could you add the respective Halaal restaurant’s airport specific menu.

  • Please also add whether they are certified by any organisation & if they are Muslim owned.

    I am weary of fast food places since I heard from a Muslim manager of what takes place when you are not watching your staff. Eg. Staff using the fryers to fry Eskort polony (Bacon) for their lunch. Gross!

    Also places like KFC claim to be Halaal because they use Halaal certified chickens but their ingredients are not certified… and the ones you mention above (to my knowledge) are not Muslim owned. Be mindful of this.

  • The Debonairs express at Cape Town is also Halaal. Booste closed and debonairs was open last year December

    • I’ve sent a query to Biltong on the Go, a kiosk on O R Tambo. Am waiting for them to come back to me.

      • Hi Lee. Biltong on the go is not Halaal but the Taste of Africa store on the International side does have halaal biltong. It’s not vacuum sealed though. Hope this helps.