Cinnamon, supplements and beef ribs – week 2, journey to optimum health

Can one be addicted to carbs? I think so. It’s been 1 week since I started my detox, no bread, no rice, no dairy no meat. I’ve been good mostly, cheated somewhat, headachy, testy, bitchy? yeah a bit of all of that. Z keeps reminding me not to be so hard on myself. Whatever changes I make can only be for the better of all of us. And this steels my resolve once again. If I can instill better eating habits for all of us that will eventually set the tone for my son, it will all be worth it.

And so begins the routine of taking supplements. Popping pills has never been one of my favourite things. Even vitamins are a pain. It’s just one more thing to remember in a busy day. I’ve started juicing. Not as a replacement for food like in some hectic juice diets, just as a way to get a lot of goodness into my body very quickly. The green juices are supposed to be the healthiest. So Kale goes into everything. And take heed, you run out of fruit and veggies very quickly this way. This was my first combination this week. Kale, ginger, apple and orange….. yummy.

juicing Hungry for halaal

The later ones, while tasty looked rather like toxic sludge so I will refrain from posting those pics so I don’t put anyone off the idea of juicing to begin with. I tried Carrot, Apple, Kale and lemon and there was Cucumber, Kale and Apple all really great tasting in spite of the kale.

My vegetarian meals included a lot of chickpeas, and buckwheat as a substitute for rice. Buckwheat is quite palatable and a good substitute for rice. This salad of roasted butternut and beetroot, spinach, rocket and courgettes, went down very well with hubby too.

salad hungry for halaalEventually I was missing bread so much and had to try making some gluten free rotis from chickpea flour. These were tricky to make and the recipe said to include some mashed potato as there was no gluten. The dough was sticky and hard to handle and needs to be rolled with a very light hand or it just sticks to the working surface. Maybe next time I’ll just buy some. The flavour of the chickpeas was very strong and could have been tempered with some fresh dhanya or onion in the dough.


Then there were the challenges sent to test my resolve. I visited Khaki-ccino in order to review them for the blog and had to sample an item from the menu. I gave in and had both meat and bread in the way of their chilli chicken on bagel washed down with a less villainous iced coffee, old school style made with ice and not ice-cream. Find the review here.

Khaki-ccino Hungry for halaal

And on Saturday, I just gave up on the day completely when I got a whatsapp message that the Rack n Grill Food Truck was going to be in Goodwood. Hearing about how amazing their food was, I had to test it for myself and see if it really was all that. Now I’m not big on ribs to begin with so I was really taking one for the team here. They were very tasty though. The classic burger with mushroom and onions was big and solid but the patty could be flavoured a bit more. My cousin added through heaving breaths that the chilli burger was serious business.

Rack n Grill Hungry for Halaal


And now begins week 2 of my detox. Hopefully my happy hormones will balance out my testy hormones and I’ll be an easier person to live with this week. Maybe I’ll increase my banana intake. They contain alot of potassium which is a good mood booster. But wait, alot of sugar too so I’m supposed to go easy on bananas, aaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh…………………..


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