My Shake, Canal Walk

A brand new kiosk will be bringing all the boys to the bar, the milkshake bar that is, in Canal Walk. Prepare to throw away your diet, forget about your lactose intolerance and bring on the ice cream headache and sugar rush all at the same time.

This create your own milkshake bar can be found upstairs across from Game. Hold on to your toddler as you pass because the front of the cabinet is filled with tubes of chocolates, cookies and candy all used to flavour the base of your milkshake. Then you get a choice of toppings in the form of sauces or sprinkles. If you’re too indecisive to build your own, they also have a menu of flavoured concoctions to choose from.  I’ll let the following pictures tell the whole story.

My Shake Hungry for HalaalThe My Shake bar luring you with sugary temptation. Add cow printed seats for effect.


My Shake Hungry for HalaalThrow in Swedish milk maid complete with plaited hair (nice attention to detail here).


My Shake Hungry for HalaalMy 3 year old’s choice of Marshmallow milkshake with pink starry sprinkles. (Hand full of pink and white marshmallows thrown into a blender with milk and ice cream). It was divine. I tried to hijack it but I failed.


My Shake Hungry for HalaalMy choice of Shake of the day which was that chocolate cake in the background as the flavour base with a topping of maraschino cherry, caramel and wafer.


Now as delicious as all this was, it did set me back 100 smackeroos for the 2 shakes… Eeek…
The small shakes (1 treat, 1 topping) are R30. The medium shake at R50 is 500ml (1 treat, 2 toppings) and the large shake at R60 is 650ml (2 treats, 2 toppings). Things like Nutella and Peanut Butter cost extra. All the ingredients used to flavour the shakes are main stream candies and chocolates and the assistant confirmed that their ingredients are halaal.

So if you’re passionate about your shakes and want to indulge your sweet tooth, maybe give My Shake a try. I hear 2 more branches are in the pipeline for Cavendish and Jozi within the year.

My Shake Hungry for Halaal


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