Eggs are not the enemy

Eggs and I have become best friends over the last few months. This much maligned super food has managed to shake off it’s bad reputation of being a veritable cholesterol factory and has entrenched itself in healthy eating plans everywhere. The 3 egg a week limit has been replaced by 3 egg omelettes, eggs in smoothies, eggs in everything. So since I’ve gone gluten free (or been trying to) I’ve been doing a lot of eggy dishes and am having to re-invent it for myself in so many ways. In today’s post I’ll share some of my recipes and some favourite eggy dishes I’ve had at eateries in Cape Town.

But first some facts about the humble egg from WebMD:

The confusion over eggs stems from their cholesterol content. One large egg contains 213 mg of cholesterol, accounting for two-thirds of the recommended daily limit. When scientists learned that high blood cholesterol was associated with heart disease, foods high in cholesterol logically became suspect. But after 25 years of study, it has become evident that cholesterol in food is not the culprit — saturated fat has a much bigger effect on blood cholesterol.

With science on our side, we can once again enjoy the wonderfully nutritious egg. The egg is a powerhouse of disease-fighting nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin. These carotenoids may reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in older adults. And brain development and memory may be enhanced by the choline content of eggs.

But the full health benefits of eggs can only be realized if you store them properly — in the refrigerator — and cook them thoroughly to kill any potential bacteria. Eggs are easy to eat, well-tolerated by young and old, adaptable to any meal, and inexpensive. Whether you prefer designer or generic eggs, manage your egg intake – no more than one per day is recommended. On days when you enjoy eggs for breakfast, it’s wise to limit foods high in cholesterol and saturated fat for the rest of the day.

Personally, I stick to Free Range eggs. They’re a bit more expensive but you can taste the difference and of course hormone free.

And as promised some eggilicious recipes.


Egg poached in Masala Sauce on Gluten Free Pancakes
A spicy breakfast treat.

Masala egg hungry for halaal

Add some Olive oil to a small non stick pan and heat on a low to medium heat. This is a cute little one egg pan that I have but any small pan will do. Spoon 2 or 3 tablespoons of your favourite masala sauce into the pan. Allow to come to a bubble and gently crack one egg into the centre of the sauce. Allow it to cook slowly while gently spooning the hot sauce over the top to allow the top to cook as well. Your sauce will caramelise and get sticky so use a small spatula to loosen the egg from the pan if it starts to stick. Once cooked to your liking, serve over gluten free pancakes. Find the pancake recipe here.


Fried egg on Corn Salsa with Avo
This is a great lunch treat and super quick to make if you’re in a hurry.

Egg on Salsa Hungry for Halaal

half a can of Whole Kernel Corn
a handful of Cherry Tomatoes
1 Baby Marrow sliced into ribbons with a potato peeler
half a diced Red Pepper
1 Tblsp chopped fresh Coriander
1/4 Avocado diced
1 tsp seschwan pepper crushed
Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Dress with olive oil, lemon juice Himalayan salt and course black pepper. Spoon onto a plate and top with an egg fried in coconut oil and extra avo. The seschwan pepper adds an interesting flavour to the salsa and the coconut flavour that comes through from the fried egg gives this dish a whole new dimension. I found this an extremely satisfying and well rounded meal. Did not miss a side of toast at all. But feel free to have some if you like.


Potato Fritata
Super versatile and you can use almost any and all veggies for this.

potato fritata hungry for halaal

5 or 6 cooked baby potatoes
1 clove garlic minced
mixed herbs
2 eggs
1/4 cup coconut milk or normal milk

Cut up the potatoes into rings.
Add Olive oil and garlic to a non stick pan over medium heat and allow the garlic to become fragrant.
Add the potatoes and saute for a few minutes till it’s just starting to brown.
Meanwhile beat the eggs and milk. Add your choice of herbs. I favour basil and oregano.
Pour this over the potoatoes and allow to cook till almost set and slightly browned underneath.
Pop your pan under a hot grill in the oven for a minute or so just to set the top. It’s perfect when it’s just starting to puff up in the oven. I don’t even close the oven door for this. Just be careful that your pan’s handle does not burn (or is plastic like I had to learn the hard way).Serve cut into wedges with salad.


These are 2 of the best egg dishes I’ve had out at restaurants.

From Pearl Spoon in Claremont,
Poached eggs with Salmon on Potato rosti…. pretty to look at and totally divine.

poached eggs pearl spoon hungry for halaal

From Caturra Coffee Bar in Sea Point,
Perfectly poached eggs with Asparagus and Smoked Salmon.

Caturra Coffee Bar Hungry for halaal 6






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