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TBC Grandeur Wellness Hungry for Halaal

Ever had your mind read while you were having your hair done, or getting a massage or having a manicure…? Well, that’s kinda how I felt recently when I had a facial at Grandeur Wellness. Except, it was so much more than just a facial…

Mehjabeen Rawoot-Parker is a trained Kinesiologist and runs Grandeur Wellness, a beauty and wellness salon in Claremont which specialises in the use of completely natural products. I was recently introduced to her holistic approach using a completely natural and Halaal Certified range of skincare products from TBC by nature. The product range is one she imports from India and carries a certification from India.

TBC Grandeur Wellness Hungry for Halaal

During my treatment her insight into my body and what my face was communicating to her was quite mindblowing. She attributes this to her training in Kinesiology at an institute in Durban.

Kinesiology encompasses holistic health disciplines which use the gentle art of muscle monitoring to access information about a person’s well being. Originating in the 1970’s, it combines Western techniques and Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. It is a process whereby the body’s energy meridians are restored to a state of balance using either acupressure and/or homeopathic medication treating everything from physical ailments like migraines to psychological and mental instabilities like addictions and repetitive destructive life patterns.

Mehjabeen was able to read my lines and stress points on my face and tell immediately that I was exhausted and a had a general problem being un-focussed. Now this was a detail not anyone could know and I was quite fascinated at what other details she might uncover. At the same time I was a bit unnerved and thrown, but fascinated nonetheless.

Grandeur Wellness Hungry for Halaal

Using the TBC range, and as with any good skincare routine she started with a Cleanser:
My current routine didn’t really offer the kind of deep cleansing that my skin needed, so taking into consideration that I have a combination skin, tending to dryness, she combined 2 different cleansers to wash my face with:
Perfect Glow 24 carat gold facewash – Cleanses the skin, imparting a clean and glowing complexion. R100 – 100ml
Key Ingredients – Gold ash, aloe extract
Lemon Grass and Soya Deep Cleansing Milk –  A cleansing milk with citrus extracts which brighten the skin to minimise the appearance of hyper pigmentation as it reduces fine lines for a more radiant complexion. R100 –  100ml
Key Ingredients – Soy extract, lemon oil, lemongrass oil

TBC Grandeur Wellness Hungry for Halaal

Then the Exfoliator:
Natural Honey and Oatmeal Scrub – Gently polishes away dead skin and unclogs pores of surface pollutants. R100 – 100ml
Key Ingredients – honey, aloe extract, oat meal, apricot seeds

My skin is not evenly toned so she followed with a Massage cream:
Perfect Glow – Gold and Saffron Massage Cream – enriched with saffron and liquorice extract to protect skin and contains bear berry and green tea to protect skin against UV rays, reducing tanning and ageing of skin. Minimises pigmentation and maintains elasticity. – R 125 – 100ml
Key Ingredients – Almond Oil, Aloe extract, Saffron extract, cyprus oil

Then a Face cream:
Because of the dryness of my skin, Mehjabeen opted for a really nourishing cream, also usable as a night cream.
Multi-vitamin Replenishing Cream – Deeply moisturising bio-oils are combined with Ayurvedic extracts to boost collagen production and skin elasticity, leaving the skin plum, youthful and hydrated. – R 125 – 50g
Key Ingredients – Wheatgerm oil, bees wax, papaya extract

And lastly Sunscreen:
Nature’s Essence Sunban (Not part of the TBC range but one she felt was better for me and also completely natural).
Sunban SPF20 – non-greasy and 100% natural
Key Ingredients – tumeric, milk, geranium

Each product is a 3-4 month supply and TBC by Nature has medical and halaal certification. They contain no animal ingredients and are not tested on animals either.

During the facial she told me my energy was erratic but that my true base energy actually calm and that I needed to find focus and rest to get back to that base energy. She uncovered things about my personality and how I deal with people that were incredibly spot on. We chatted animatedly throughout my entire session yet I still emerged feeling completely relaxed. My skin felt softer and looked lighter and brighter.

I have made a pact with myself to look after my skin a bit more. At my age you cannot really afford not make some effort. My days of wash and go are no more and finding treatments and products you can trust are a priority. I really like the completely natural approach of these products and the insights that Mehjabeen offered made me feel as if I had gotten added value  to my facial.

Grandeur Wellness has kindly offered one of my readers a 1 hour Gold Facial containing 24 carat Gold Dust to the value of R1000. All you have to do is like Grandeur Wellness on Facebook here. And comment on the competition post on the Hungry for Halaal Facebook page. Make sure you also like Hungry for Halaal on Facebook here.
A winner will be announced on Friday 5 August.
Good Luck.

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