Where to get the best halaal burgers in Cape Town

Updated September 2021

Burger Spots Cape Town

Burgers are a dime a dozen and just about every restaurant out there has one on the menu. But finding a truly great burger, now there’s the challenge. I’ve rounded up some of my personal favourites as well as some generally well loved burger spots. Here in no particular order:

Operating out of Grassy Park they are known for towering stacks that you can barely wrap your mouth around. Whatsapp your orders through on Friday and Saturday nights or catch them at an event or festival.
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Jango Café
Used to be known as Chocs Burgers. They are known for great flame grilled burgers and can be found most weekends at an event. They also trade Friday nights from their home in Rondebosch.
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The Izzy Burger
These guys used to operate from their home in Belgravia Road in Athlone. With a consistently good product focussed only on burgers and chips they proved to be a huge hit and have opened a permanent branch in Wynberg.
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Izzy burger

A burger spot that has a cult following. Their V&A branch is closed down but they still operate from the new spot in Claremont. They keep their menu small and focussed. You can’t go wrong.
More about them here.

Woodies burger hungry for halaal

Rack and Grill
You can usually find Rack and Grill trading on Imam Haron Road in Lansdowne. They do move around a bit and could pop up literally anywhere. Their burgers are substantial in 4 standard flavours. Watch out for the chilli burger. It means business. They are even more famous for their ribs, but it’s burgers we’re after now.
More about them here.


District Cafe
This small but popular eatery in Woodstock has garnered a loyal following and is known for great steaks. They do a mean steak burger and have added wagyu beef burgers to the menu. Ask for the masala basting… 😋
More about them here.

District cafe Hungry for halaal

They’re famous for the Wembley Whopper, a confection of steak, braised onions, sliced potatoes, salad and sauce in a bun. This infamous landmark crammed into the tight Southern Suburbs streets has become a destination venue. Go there for a great falooda crush as well. More on Wembley here.

Halaal Restaurants and Accommodation

La rocca
This popular bistro type restaurant in Canal Walk Shopping Mall serves a total of 11 burgers. Some interesting combinations and flavours or your classic Double Beef. I’m seriously sad they don’t make their steak fillet burger anymore but their other burgers don’t disappoint.
More about La rocca here.

Mushroom Mozz burger

Initially started in the Industrial part of Gatesville they have now moved to a spot at the V&A Watefront. They have a  selection of burgers with patties that are handmade and generous. Their Gourmet Burger is a serious filler and the breakfast burger is spicy and a definite do again. They are also known for outrageously photogenic Gatsby’s.
More about them here.

IMG_8030 R

This streetfood style diner can be found in Canal Walk Shopping Centre. They do ambitious burgers with fun and quirky combinations. The Mexican with jalapeno poppers is particularly good. Also look out for their freak shakes and wings.
More about them here.

Brocka Hungry for Halaal

Have we missed any? If there’s a place that you think should be on this list, let us know in the comments.



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  • At Haloodies, we’re in tune with the many delights of the legendary beef burger. Close your eyes and picture biting into your Haloodies 4oz fresh halal-certififed beef burger. The mayo and relish oozing from the toasted brioche bun, the crunch of the onions, pickles and lettuce, the creamy cheese, and the juicy, meaty 4oz patty all in one heavenly bite.
    haloodies burgers

  • Hey All…Whatsapp your orders for this evening as soon as possible…with a choice of your favourite Gourmet Burger or Braai Combo… to 0725755755. Collection from 6.30pm onwards… ???????? SPICE BOX

  • Jango cafe Rondebosch East ! I give them a 10 for burgers and ribs.Made with all the good stuff and really very well priced.They have a food truck too.Try out Jango Cafè.You won,t be sorry!

  • No burger place can come close to when Dodge Diner first started in KC and then for a while when they were in Canal Walk…

  • For real tasty and amazing burgers you should definitly try Cookies Bakery and Take Aways! A little gem in Landsdown, The Beef Jalapeno burgers are a definite must try… burger has jalapeno’s, avo and feta ????????????. I recently also had their chicken mushroom burger! All burgers comes with chips!! for R40!!! I think its worth a try.

  • You should also try pizza and coffee shop at 2nd avenue rondebosch east they have a great tasting chicken burger

      • I bought an Izzy burger in Wynberg, and burger kings burgers are better than theirs. I have no idea why people are making such a fuss of Izzy’s burgers

  • You guys should try Steelies in Carrick road, Athlone (Right opposite excellent meat market/Elite). They make awesome gourmet burgers and there prices are the only thing that’s better than their burgers. On Wednesday’s you can get 2 burgers with chips and cheese for R35.
    Check out their facebook page on the following link – https://www.facebook.com/steeliesfastfoods/

  • Go to steelies in Athlone industry near elite cash and carry..they fairly new ..but there burgers is in a class of its own.best burgers I have tasted thus far

  • I’ve tried most of these and they good but also don’t forget Steelies fast foods in Athlone industria I. They have also introduced a gourmet burger in addition to their normal burgers which are best value for money 100%beef.

  • You missed steelies fast foods in athlone! Best burgers by far!!! message them on instagram @steelies_fastfoods

  • Hi there,
    Try Primi Xpress in Rosmead Kenilworth! Known for their pastas and pizzas their burgers are definitely good too.
    They are fully halaal and their burgers are spectacular! And they have the coolest Mocktails to join the eating fest!

  • You should also try Dodge Diner on Kromboom Road, Crawford. Be daring and buy the V16 triple burger combo. Plus their chocolate milkshake is the best you’ll ever have!

  • Spitfire in Kromboom Road, their beef burgers are the best. It’s affordable and cooked perfectly and always fresh! You feel like you eating healthy because of the freshness haha.

    • Yes was about to say the same! 6 th Avenue Rondebosch East. Jango_cafe check them out on Instagram and also Cookies bakery in Landsdowne cookiesbakeryandtakeaways on Instagram

      • Hey there. You’re the third person to mention Jangos after I did this post. I’m gonna get tarred and feathered at this rate. I better go check them out asap. ????????

  • as a burger aficionado, this is the post I’ve been waiting for all my life.. ok, maybe not that long.. but really glad to see this! 🙂

    going to give these guys a try. I can “stem saam” with the woodies and la-rocca burgers.. not crazy about wembley, but definitely gonna try these others out.. #YayCholesterol #WheresMyMeds

    • Happy to have ticked this list off your bucket list Ro. ????. Please comment with your verdict of the other guys once you’ve tried them.

      • Please try out Spice Box in Tussen Road. Available every Saturday. Delicious Original beef or chicken burgers as well as chillie nacho burger and creamy mushroom burger are amazing. Braai platters also available. Find us on facebook and Instagram