Halaal places to eat on the Garden Route

Updated December 2023

I realised I was a road tripping kind of gal when I travelled 4000km by road with my husband from Malawi to Cape Town. Despite scary border crossings at Mozambique, long empty roads in the Northern Cape and days of being in a confined space together, we managed to stay friends. A road trip could be about getting from A to B but the joy of living the journey is where it’s at for me.

I persevered through constant childhood nausea on long drives, which I thankfully grew out of, a bad accident on the notorious Swellendam road that left me with a fractured spine, which I again thankfully recovered from and PUBLIC TOILETS! Yes, I have a serious phobia of public toilets and will avoid it at all costs if possible. But the long road cannot be braved with a small bladder. So I had to get over that too.

Besides just enjoying the beautiful scenery the Cape has to offer, I simply adore stopping in small towns along the way, soaking up the vibes, checking out the little crafty places you find especially along the very hipster garden route. There is a wealth of artistic treasures and experiences. I love buying interesting cheeses, homemade marmalade and all kinds of honey indigenous to different parts of the route. The one thing I struggle with is finding halaal food on the Garden Route. So you find you have no choice but to pack the car with meat from home, cos who does a holiday without a braai? Certainly not me. But even wanting to stop at a restaurant for a bite can be limiting as there are so few that offer anything halaal.

I recently did some digging and am happy to say that I can finally compile a list of halaal places on the Garden Route. So if like me you’ve been frustrated by the lack of options, I hope this brings you some small measure of joy.


Kaapse Dyt – 083 462 2600


Halaal Cafe – Voortekker Road  044 272 7158

KFC, Oudtshoorn  044 272 5444

Carmon takeaways, Jacobson st

Mustangs, Voortrekker Road

Rokiyas takeaways, High Street

Tareks takeaways, St John St

Xenia convenience store, Church St


Barcellos – Engen, 41 Knysna Road, George East

BP Garage N2 Kraaibosch just outside George – Steers & Debonairs

MK Halaal Foods – 97 York Street Shamrock Building George town, 0823983224

Burger King – 118 Park Rd Shop 56, Eden Meander Lifestyle Centre, George

Nandos – 74 Knysna Rd, Eastern Ext, George

Zainabs Kitchen (Homecooked Meals) – 083 674 2287

Meelas Delights – 3 Fabriek Street, George

Asma’s Kitchen – Contact: 084 777 7799



Aweh Brew – 70 Main Rd, Westhill, Knysna, 076 983 0923. Find our review here.

KFCCnr Montagu-Main Rd,hone    044 382 6169

Amazen Foods – 20 HGrey Street

ZamZam Caterers – 083 5642507

phonMashaa Allah Cafe, Main Road
A Somali run cafe serving fast food.
Shameera – home made meals 083 564 2507



Kapé Restaurant – 4 Swallow Drive 071 639 1191

Plettenberg Bay

Popeyes on Main – 1 Beacon Way

KFC – Shop G 01, Market Square Shopping Centre, 044 533 3097

Garden Route Halaal Home Cooked Meals
CONTACT: 082 927 7169 WHATSAPP: 073 363 6730
All foods are freshly prepared in our private kitchen at home.
A menu can be sent to customers on whatsapp if requested.
Layla and Hf Abdulhay Seedat

Asian Cafe
Next to the taxi rank in the town in Plettenberg Bay. Sells fish and chips.


Port Elizabeth

24 Gladiolus street, Malabar, 6020 Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
Their ranges are Sea food , Steaks , Burgers , Toasted Sandwiches , Gatsby’s and Grills.
041 457 1524
Shop 4 Dolphins leap, 6001 Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
041 453 0344 / 041 363 4579
Bismillah Take-Aways
24 Gladiolus street,malabar, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
0729164393 / 0414572917
Delhi snacks
249a Durban road,Korsten, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Primi Cafe at the Airport
Port Elizabeth International Airport
041 581 2915
Oceans 11 (seafood sit down)
6th avenue Walmer
Kwantu Private Game Reserve
1 Daniel Road, Sidbury, Eastern Cape, South Africa
+ 27 42 203 1400

Jeffrey’s Bay

Bismillah, Hoedehoop Street
KFC, Da Gama Road
Kindly confirm all halaal status when visiting as status may have changed since publication.
If you know of more establishments to add to this list please drop a comment below.






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  • Good day,

    I have a vacant shop available in Corkwood Square, Food Market, Uitenhage. The lessee has to be Halal certified / Muslim owner.

    If you or know of anyone that might be interested please call Chemelle on 0711060654 – whats app friendly.

    Thank you!

  • Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatu, could you please add us, NANABHAI HALAAL FOODS, 23 MEADE STREET, GEORGE.
    PH:0749464619 to your website. We serve authentic Indian, fusion foods .
    Shukran, jazakallaahu khaira

  • Dulces in PE also does halaal catering..there food and presentation is absolutely amazing
    Please do add to your list

  • Pizza Hut Dolphins Leap in Humewood Port Elizabeth is halal, as well as the nandos and RocoMamas at the same center (Dolphins Leap Humewood)
    In the same area is South Boulevard Cafe as well… All halal establishments

  • Assalaamu Alaikum WRWB
    Any travellers /holidaymakers going to Plettenberg bay on the Garden Route can now order freshly prepared halaal home cooked meals from GARDEN ROUTE MEALS based in Plettenberg bay
    You are welcome to send a whatsapp to 082 927 7169 for further information and menu

    • I would like to bring to your attention that all KFC Mc Donald’s, Burger King and most if not all of the fast food outlets owned by foreigners ie: Bangalis,Pakkis etc in most of S.A. are Not halal even though they may display big Halal signs.
      I have personally questioned most of the foreigners as to where they aquire their meat or poultry products, and in most cases the answer is from one of the non Muslim owned commercial supermarkets.
      I need you to understand the issuing of halal certification by all the so called Muslim halal bodies does not guarantee the products to be halal.
      This has become a multi billion rand industry and just about everybody has jumped onto this halal industry with no checks and balances in place.
      If you are of the opinion that for u to consume food purchased from these fast food outlets as they display halal cert , than you must not encourage other gullible Muslims who on your advice consume the haraam food sold by these dodgy outlets as halal. We who live in the garden route (I for one am living there for over 20yrs)
      know better than outside visitors that there is doubt in the food they are peddling as halal.
      May Allah ta ala forgive your shortcomings however you will need to retract your statement on the authenticity of all the food that claim is halal.
      May Allah Paak protect our Imaan and grant us the true understanding of our beautiful Deen of Islam.
      Was salaam
      Suleiman Kajee
      Mossel bay

      • As this is an issue of trust, ie. the trust in the halaal certifiying bodies that they are doing their work of oversight, then it remains up to each individual to exercise their right to accept the certification or not to. Anyone, Muslim or not can swindle you. Either you choose to accept that these bodies are doing the work of checking or you have to personally investigate every single eatery you go to. A personal decision every one has the right to make.

      • Walaykum salaam

        @Suleiman Kajee

        May Allah Paak guide you to be more respectful to your fellow muslims aswell,just to clarify,the use of the word Paki is a derogatory term and widely regarded as racist in the uk and elsewhere,as a person who is concerned for your fellow muslim bros and sisters it would be good of you to educate yourself on better islam ettiquette as well.

        Jazak Allah

    • slm the popeyes in Plett is closed and the asian cafe in plett is not halaal.
      there is a fish n chips place called mr Kaai in sedgefield

  • Knysna oriental take aways 044 3820186 2 main road shop nr 3 mount joy corner halaal take aways , next to KFC serves burgers sandwiches grilled chicken and also caters for halaal chicken/mutton biryani or dialling for Fridays. Give order in on Thursday.

      • Dulces in PE also does halaal catering..there food and presentation is absolutely amazing
        Please do add to your list

  • Hi there….in PE – try Oceans 11 …chicken breasts geilled n calamari fantastic. Ibhayi Guest Lodge have them as the outsource Halaal Supplier.