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Rewards programmes have become a dime a dozen nowadays. 10% off here, 15% off there, 2 for one deals, there’s always somewhere you can save a buck, but I have yet to find one that caters well for the halaal restaurant market. Until now that is. Enter Socialite Cape Town, a relatively new rewards programme targeted at Capetonians and focusing on restaurants and luxury experiences.

So what’s different about Socialite you may ask? Well for one, they currently have at least 12 fully halaal restaurants in their programme and still growing, where the most I’ve encountered in other mainstream programmes have been maybe 2. There are no exclusions on your discount. Socialite members save 25% on the entire bill! So that’s 25% off starters, mains, desserts & even DRINKS!

I recently used my Socialite card within days of each other. I was attending a workshop in Crawford last Friday evening and had missed supper in the process. So before heading home popped into Dodge City Diner for a bite which turned into a fully blown meal. Now a Dodge milkshake at 10pm is no mean feat, but it was so worth it. I have sampled some really good milkshakes and some really over-rated ones too. Dodge is up there with the best of them. But, I digress. My partner and I ordered a burger meal each, which comes with chips and onion rings. Mine came with cheese and hers was done with a delicious masala basting on special request. At the end of the meal, I whipped out my Socialite card and Ka-ching! saved us about R45 on our meal.

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See that milkshake – that spoon is standing straight up with no help.

Other fully halaal restaurants in the program include:

Atlantic Express
Dodge Diner Ottery
The Lounge
Primi Express
Food Inn India
Rack n Grill Food Truck
Saddles Bellville
Dulce Café
La Rocca

(This list may change from time to time. Please check the Socialite website for the most updated list.)

This week, desperately needing some downtime, I had a chance to visit Suntra Spa at 15 on Orange Hotel and Spa in the Cape Town CBD. This gorgeous luxury spa is also part of the Socialite programme and who doesn’t appreciate a cool discount on a luxury treatment. The spa is bigger than expected with 11 treatment rooms and 15 permanent therapists on staff. They have a vast choice of treatments ranging from an indulgent therapeutic air jet bath to Facials, Massages, Pedicures, Manicures, Laser hair removal, Anti-Aging, Cellulite, Waxing, Tanning, special steam sauna, Jacuzzi and many more. Complimentary parking is available to Spa guests inside the Hotel’s parking area. Be sure to ask for it as sometimes the parking may be indicated as full on the board outside.


At the spa on the 7th floor of the hotel, I was shown to a subdued and warmly lit massage room by Denise, one of the more experienced therapists I found out later. Each spa has it’s own touch that makes the experience unique like heated socks after your massage or a stunning view. At Suntra, when you’re on the massage bed they rest your forehead on an eye mask scented with lavender. It’s such a small touch but it was perfect to set the tone for one of the best Swedish body massages I have ever had. Denise was obviously a well experienced therapist and knew exactly how to respond to my groans of pain and bring relief to my stressed muscles.

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The Swedish massage at Suntra normally costs R550. With the 25% discount through Socialite, it comes in at a cool R412.50. That’s a saving of almost R140 – to spend entirely on yourself! No need to have a second person along in order to get the saving. What’s also great is you can buy a gift voucher for a friend and get the voucher discounted too. Socialite has 6 Spa’s on their programme around the Cape that you can choose from so you can find one that’s convenient for you.



Socialite includes 99 vendors and growing. From Restaurants, Spa’s, Accomodation and Experiences, there’s something for everyone. And at just R295 for a year, it is well worth it. That investment is easily redeemed with just a couple of visits to any of the participating vendors.

The awesome folks at Socialite have extended a great offer to my readers. If you buy your membership with my special code, they will give you a whopping 50% OFF till the end of November! So don’t wait! Buy now to take advantage of your discounted offers!

Socialite Card

They are having an activation in Canal Walk this week. So head over and quote my code if you’re in the neighbourhood. Or go online to get it here.

Get your Socialite Card now and start saving!

Simply copy this code: HUNGRYFORSOCIALITE

And click on this link: Socialite








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  • Hi. The list of restaurants on the socialites website isn’t the same as your list. Which one is correct as the website only has 9 halal restaurants listed

    • Hi Faaizah. They have informed me that 2 of the restaurants from the original list are not part of the programme anymore. The correct and most updated list will always be on the Socialite website. They will be adding other restaurants soon.

  • Hi.
    Love your articles and reviews!
    About the Socialite.CapeTown – where at Canal Walk can we do the activation?

    • oh Michelle. I’m so sorry, I saw your comment quite late. The activation was only last week and is unfortunately over now. But you can still get the 50% discount if you use the above link and my code.
      Good luck.

  • Well I’m sold, tried to register with your promo code, got this message “Coupon “hungryforsocialite” does not exist!”. maybe ill pop around Canal Walk this weekend and register there

    • Hi Nadir. Thanks for supporting. Seems there was a small glitch. You can try again online or you are can quote my code at Canal Walk as well for the discount.