Would you hire a Food Truck for your Wedding?

Food on wheels is not a new thing. Somebody’s been selling something out of a caravan, trailer or wagon for as many years as man has been around. Even Fred Flintstone had to get the occasional takeout… But modern day food trucks are taking the mobile food market by storm. The halaal food truck scene seemed to be quite thin for some time but the craze has caught on and more halaal food trucks are now entering the market.

Even Pinterest reports that the search for “food truck weddings” are up 30% this year. Would you consider hiring a food truck to cater your wedding? Just think about it… It’s a whole lot cheaper per head. You can offer guests more variety. It might be a cool idea for a quirky outdoorsy kind of wedding….. or not… use it, don’t use it.

What’s great about these food trucks, is that limited space means more focus on less products. You have smaller businesses crafting a very specific product to bring to market. So they spend more time getting it right and usually develop a loyal following. The downside is you have to be in the know if you want to catch them at an event or market. Some of them have regular spots at certain markets and others are more random. Make sure you’re following them on social media if you want your fix. Here is my list of halaal food trucks currently doing the rounds in the Mothercity.


You can usually find Rack and Grill at the Vineyard Oval Market in Kenilworth on Wednesday nights. They do move around a bit and could pop up literally anywhere. Their burgers are substantial in 4 standard flavours. Watch out for the chilli burger. It means business. They are even more famous for their ribs.
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Rack n Grill Hungry for Halaal

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Captain Corndog is the only halaal corndog maker in the Western Cape and their menu is extensive. They do events and catering. They do American style street foods that include corndogs, tato dogs, tornado potatoes, Gourmet Hotdogs,
chicago Style Italian Beef Dipped Sandwich and more. Even desserts – Banana Pops and Ice Cream, Deep Fired Oreos and Chocolate Corn Dogs.
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Smokey & Co have had a custom made smoker engineered that they can move around from venue to venue. They smoke everything. Ribs, sausage, chicken, chops. They even have a pizza with smoked lamb which I had and was awesome. They can also cater for events.
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Smokey & co

Did anyone say Mexican? Nachos on fire has seen the gap in the halaal market for mexican food. Not so much a food truck but they do move around. They do nachos, chilli poppers, burritos and more. You can find them Wednesday nights at the Vineyard Oval Market at Kenilworth. They are also going to doing the events with the Galilleo Open air Cinema for the next six months.
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Oval night market Hungry for Halaal

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You may know Syriana as the new restaurant in Sea Point. But before that, they had a food truck which got put on hold for a while. The food truck is now back and can be found at The Vineyard Oval Market every Wednesday. They serve Middle Eastern food like shawarmas, wraps and falafel.
Keep up to date here. And you can read my review on the Sea Point restaurant here.


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Have I missed a food truck that you know of? Drop me a comment or send me a mail on info@hungryforhalaal.co.za and I will update the list.



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  • You know……just to be different I would, but then you have to think about all the old tieties and boetas and their traditions. Some might find it offensive and some might even think it is a genius idea. However, you will have to have the mindset to embrace such a change onto the Islamic wedding scene.
    Me……..I would just go for it and to the wind whatever anybody else think. I am paying ha ha ha !!!!!