R100 OFF Socialite Cape Town!

Socialite R100 OFF

Rewards programmes have become a dime a dozen nowadays. 10% off here, 15% off there, 2 for one deals, there’s always somewhere you can save a buck, but I have yet to find one that caters well for the halaal restaurant market. Until now that is. Enter Socialite Cape Town, a relatively new rewards programme targeted at Capetonians and focusing on restaurants and luxury experiences.

So what’s different about Socialite you may ask? Well for one, they currently have at least 10 fully halaal restaurants in their programme and still growing, where the most I’ve encountered in other mainstream programmes have been maybe 2. There are no exclusions on your discount. Socialite members save 20-25% on the entire bill! So that’s 20-25% off starters, mains, desserts & even DRINKS!

Other fully halaal restaurants in the program include:

Dodge Diner Ottery
Primi Express
Food Inn India
Rack n Grill Food Truck
Saddles Bellville
Dulce Café
La Rocca

Socialite includes 99 vendors and growing. From Restaurants, Spa’s, Accomodation and Experiences, there’s something for everyone. And at just R295 for a year, it is well worth it. That investment is easily redeemed with just a couple of visits to any of the participating vendors.

The awesome folks at Socialite have extended a great offer to my readers. If you buy your membership with my special code, they will give you a whopping R100 OFF! So don’t wait! Buy now to take advantage of your discounted offers!

Socialite Card

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