Good Golly for Gourmet Ice Lollies!

Las Paletas Hungry for Halaal All Flavours

I first discovered these artisanal ice lollies at a food expo about 3 years ago. At the time Las Paletas was only doing the market circuit but I fell in love with the brand and have been following them ever since. I was really stoked to learn a year later that they were slowly starting to get their product into a handful of mainstream stores. The range of flavours, already decadent just kept growing and now they have added the pièce de résistance, a CHOCOLATE range!

Las Paletas, are handmade artisan sorbet and dairy lollies made in small batches from quality ingredients such as real fruit, herbs, spices, nuts and real dairy. Created by husband and wife duo, Jason Sandell and Diana Chavarro who combined their passion for food, with her Latin American heritage and the very best South African ingredients. They source their fruit from South Africa and mostly support local farmers wherever possible. Like purchasing their strawberries from farmers in Stellenbosch.

All their products are Halaal Certified and Kosher friendly, 100% natural and free from flavourants, colourants, additives and powdered products. Their aim was to create a humble, honest dessert that is both delicious and good for you. The most you’ll have in a fruit lolly is actual fruit pulp, a small amount of sugar and lemon juice for preserving. And the flavours… where do I begin….?

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My first Las Paletas lolly was the strawberry sorbet. That was the lolly that sold me. It was like eating a frozen strawberry. The quality was unmistakable and the idea of having this as a dessert is utterly credible. I have subsequently tried some of the other flavours and it just gets better. They started with mostly fruit sorbets in flavor combinations like coconut lemonade, pineapple chili, roasted banana, then came dairy mixes, gooseberry cheesecake, peanut butter bomb (my current favourite cos it has chocolate coated peanuts inside, YAY!), white chocolate and berries and now their latest chocolate range, grande chocolate (with brownie pieces inside), nougat and salted caramel and more. The flavours are seasonal and there are 23 in total. Choosing is no easy task.

At the launch of their new chocolate range we got a chance to literally pimp our lollies. As if all these amazing flavours were not enough, you could further add layers of coconut flakes, marshamallows, oreos, nuts, cranberries, crushed meringues and runny chocolate amongst others. Check out my pimped up Peanut butter bomb.

Las Paletas Hungry for Halaal Peanut Butter Pimped

Jason spoke to me of how they’ve introduced the concept of having their little cart at weddings and events. They have even done a few Muslim weddings. You may think it odd to have an ice lolly for dessert at a wedding, but trust me, this dessert with all the trimmings, served on a plate is utterly decadent. The cart from which the lollies are served has an elegant retro feel and would be great in an outdoor setting but works easily in an indoor environment as well. And an awesome personalised touch is that you can have the sticks customised for your event with your name, date or initials.

Las Paletas Hungry for Halaal Retro Cart

Las Paletas Hungry for Halaal Chocolate

I still have many flavours to try but I know these lollies will be a regular in my freezer. The price point is in the range of the Magnum ice creams but it is so worth it. You can get your hands on them at selected Pick n Pay’s, Spars and smaller deli’s and markets in the Cape.

Las Paletas Hungry for Halaal Chocolate

Contact Las Paletas on:
Tel (021) 556-1491
Facebook: @LasPaletas
Twitter: @laspaletas
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