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There is nothing quite as delicious as the smoky taste of that favourite Indian rice dish Akhni, cooked over an open flame. A favourite for Sunday lunch, janaza’s (funerals) and even weddings. Admit it, sometimes you’re more excited when they bring out the Akhni at a fancy wedding than all those pretty plated confections. Licking the spicy flavours of the yellow rice and meat mingled with dhai from the tips of your fingers leaves you knowing undoubtedly that you’re at a Muslim function with all the sense of community and belonging that brings.

Cooking in big pots for large functions is as much part of the Indian culture as its DNA. And the need for big quantities of food is inextricably tied to our large families and close community ties. Whether for a janaza, a wedding or other celebrations there will always be a need at least once in your life to order a large pot of food.

Here is a list of suppliers in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban brought right to your fingertips. Some of these cook on fire and some on gas. Usually a minimum order is required to cook on fire.

Cape Town

Osmans Foods, Parow
Known for excellent Akhni which I can personally vouch for. Also do curry and rice, biryani and more.
Minimum order 30 people. Preferably 7 days notice except for Janaza’s.
Contact: 021 931 9504 / 082 485 1804
See their complete listing here.

Narker’s, Woodstock
Known for Biryani. Also do curry and rice, akhni and more.
Minimum order 50 people for fire food, 20 for gas.
Preferably 3-4 days notice except for Janaza’s.
Contact: 021 448 3148
They have a shop in Woodstock where they sell Biryani and Akhni by the kilo on Sundays. You have to place your order on Saturday for Sunday.

Ismail Khan, Rylands
Known for Biryani. Also do curry and rice, akhni and more.
Minimum order 20 people.
Preferably 2 days notice except for Janaza’s.
Contact: 021 691 6926 / 078 495 1000

Hamid Sonday
Also does the cooking for Nakhlistan, the well known Ramadaan and all year feeding scheme.
Minimum order 100 people.
Preferably 2 days notice except for Janaza’s.
Contact: 021 633 2186 / 082 976 8535

Chicktays, Kensington
Contact: 021 593 1515

Cathkin Caterers, Rylands
Well known catering company with  their own venue.
Contact: 021 637 4260
See their complete listing here.

Dilnawaaz Khan Rawoot
Roasts, curry and braai in bulk.
Contact: 076 787 7064

Salma Mohamed Khan
Soji in large quantities.
50/100 ppl
Contact:  021 691 0881

AmKaRa Foods (Strictly Halaal) , Grassy Park/ Zeekoevlei
Akhni / Breyani on Sundays sold by the kilo or in (bulk on order basis)
Weekend Braai on order basis (depending on amount of orders)
Weekly rotating menus for Office Lunch / Supper ( request to be added to our mailing system)
We offer a variety of our popular salads ( Apple Mint & Chicken Salad , Orange Chicken and Cranberry Salad, Hot(Spicy) Chilli Steak Salad, Strawberry Salad (in Season only)…
Contact: Yusry – 0823931876


Solly Manjra’s, Parlock
Restaurant and Catering
Contact: 031 577 1546

Bemaths, Sea Cow Lake
Catering Company

Contact: 082 959 0532
Exotic Food Caterers, Overport
Caterer with a retail savouries store and a conference centre.
Contact: 031 271 3397


At 53 Home-made Cuisine, Robertsham
Home cooked Daily meals. Known for Haleem.
Min of 20 people for fire food. Cooks on gas as well.
Contact: 061 054 3516

Image Lifestyle Wedding & Conference Centre, Johannesburg
Known for Mutton Khadhai and Biryani. Fire cooking only for large orders.
Minimim order of 20 people
Contact: 011 492 3592
See their complete listing here.

Anver Shaikh, Mayfair West
Cooking for weddings, funerals and other functions.
Call 0763201346

Fozia’s Kitchen, Lenasia
Cooking for weddings, funerals and other functions as well as home-cooked daily meals
011 852 8061 Whatsapp 0721481022
Shop No 3 Penguin Avenue, Extension 1 , Lenasia

Know of someone who does fire food or do it yourself?
Do give us a shout on info@hungryforhalaal.co.za to be added to this list.

This list was curated from information available online and supplied by vendors.
Hungry for Halaal is not a halaal certifying body and does not do inspections.








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  • Asalaamu Alaykum,

    Our family would like to make big pots of Akhni to feed a few families.

    But its more rewarding for us to make our own.

    Please could i request a recipe for meat akhni for 80lt or 100lt fire food. Kanala.

    Kind Regards,
    Zain Slamdien.