Roundup of New & Old Halaal Fast Food outlets in the Northern Suburbs

Some new spots have appeared in the North that you may not know about. So for those days you just need a quick fix or for when you need a night off cooking here’s a roundup of what’s newly halaal as well as your old favourites. So kick back on the couch, turn on the Netflix, send hubby out to collect and start your weekend with a chilled out Friday night.


This global pizza brand is back in the country for over 2 years but only recently in the Cape. They have 8 stores in the Cape, 5 of them halaal. Try the Peperoni lovers pizza for just sweet and simple. My favourite. The 2 halaal branches in the north are:
N1 City Value Centre
Zewenwacht Mall

Pizza Hut Hungry for Halaal


Sausage Saloon
An American style fast food this outlet serves processed sausages in various flavours with added condiments like onions, gherkins and other extras on extra long hot dog rolls. The branch at N1 City was not halaal before but they have recently become halaal certified. Other halaal branches according to the NIHT website:
N1 City Mall
Canal Walk
Parow Centre
Cape Gate Centre

Sausage Saloon Hungry for Halaal


Hooked on Fish, Goodwood
A new fish and chips place at N1 City at the Checkers entrance which has also gotten halaal certification. I recently bought a calamari gatsby from them and I can vouch for extremely generous portions. Flavour was good. But I am yet to try their other offerings.
Tel: 021 595 0249

Hooked on Fish Hungry for Halaal


Flambos, Parow Valley
This is a road house style takeout located at the BP garage on the corner of Connaught road and Francie van Zyl just outside Cravenby. Just order at the window and collect your food or take a seat inside in their booth style seating. They do burgers, gatsby’s, hot dogs and even pizza’s. Their fan burger is pretty good.
Tel: 021 933 8206

Flambos Hungry for Halaal


Spice it Up, Goodwood
A fast food outlet and spice shop located on 120 Voortrekker road in Goodwood. They make a pretty decent hotdog with perinaise. Also pizza, gatsby’s and grills.
Tel: 021 591 1723

Spice it Up Hungry for Halaal


Tikkaways, Goodwood
A casual Indian food eatery and takeaway in the style of Eastern Food Bazaar just a lot less busy and hectic. Food is reasonably priced and with the exception of one or two dishes I have enjoyed most of their menu. It’s a good solution if you want Indian food in a hurry to cater for unexpected guests.
More here.

Tikkaways Hungry for Halaal


Chickin Tyme
Flame grilled chicken and hot dogs with Mozambican flavours. 2 of the branches are halaal.
More here.

Chicken Tyme Hungry for Halaal


Lady Bee, Delhi Diner
A diner style eatery a range of self service style meals. You dish, you weigh and you pay. Take it away or eat in and stay. Comfy booth style seating is available. All branches are halaal. The 2 in the North are:
Epping, Viking Business Park
Zevenwacht Mall
More here.

lady bee dehli diner hungry for halaal


Tygerdal Fisheries & Sushi, Goodwood
Halaal certified fisheries in Tygerdal in the little supermarkert complex on the corner of Alice Street and Frans Conradie. Serves fish n chips as well as sushi, gatsby’s and hotdogs.
Tel: 021 801 2584

Tygerdal Fisheries


Food Inn India, Bellville
This is a branch of the franchise in town and Rondebosch. Serving a variety of Indian food as well as lebanese, chinese and middle eastern. Located in the busy Bellville hub on 133 Voortrekker road near to SARS.
Tel: 021 9499118

Food Inn Bellville


Debonairs Pizza
Halaal stores for this popular pizza outlet is located in
Avonwood Mall
Canal Walk
Tygervalley Mall
Zevenwacht Mall
Grandwest Casino
More here.


Honorable mentions: Outlets like KFC, Macdonalds and Nandos in the vicinity are all certified halaal. Except Nando’s Grandwest and Nando’s Brackenfell.






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