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More than likely you will know by now about UberEATS, the mobile app that lets you order food in the same way you order your Uber! For first time users we’ve got a great offer using our special code.  If you’ve used Uber before, you’ll know how easy and painless the whole process is. Great for getting to and back from the airport without dragging the wife out of bed at 4am… Can you tell I’ve used it before…???? Cashless and convenient, it makes the average foodie’s life that bit easier and delivery rates are charged at the same rate as standard Uber fees. Currently it’s available in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and hopefully soon in Durban.

Cape Town

They are not everywhere in the Cape yet, the Northern Suburbs being one, but if you’re in the CBD, the Southern Suburbs, Blaauberg area and Stellenbosch then you’re good to go. They have a ton of restaurants to choose from. The halaal list is growing and there are great options. These include:

Senhor Calistos, Woodstock
KFC – various
Kauai – various (Not all Kauai stores are halaal. Go here to see which Kauai stores are not halaal)
Bollywood Cafe, CBD
Saray, CBD
Simply Asia – various (Go here for a list of their halaal stores)
Batavia Cafem CBD
Myatt Cafe & Chocolatier, CBD
Jiah, CBD
Caturra Coffee Bar, Sea Point


Johannesburg has a fairly big list as well. Halaal outlets include:

Istanbul Kebab, Fordsburg
Adega, Fordsburg


So if like me you’re needing a fix from one of your fave places but just can’t get out of the house or office, just UBER it in. Here’s another great reason. You can get R50 off your first 2 orders! Just register an UberEATS account (it’s free), and use the code HUNGRYFORUBER when you place your first 2 orders.

What are you waiting for? Go to UberEATS and download the app now!







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  • Salaam
    Please forward me details Halaal Uber eats available in the Rosebank area, Cape Town. Is the Pizza Hut in Rondebosch Halaal Certified?