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Accidental Muslims Competition Hungry for Halaal


I’m sure most of you have heard about the Accidental Muslims Conference happening at the end of September. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, you’re in luck. Khalil and Zaheer from Accidental Muslims are giving away 2 tickets to 1 of my readers to attend the conference on 30 September 2017 at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town. All you have  to do is head over to Facebook and enter on the competition post.

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So what’s the conference about:

They’re hosting their first annual Leadership conference on Saturday, 30th Sep 2017. Where we get to listen, interact, learn and share experiences, lessons and ideas with some of the best leaders in their fields. A dose of value & impact in a form of 15-20 minute curated talks (Ted-like conference), panel discussions and networking sessions. Be inspired by people who are making a real difference.

Some of the speakers include:
Iman Malaka – CEO (IT)
Radia-Bawa Hendricks – Speaker/Teacher (Quran)
Bilqees Omar – CA & COE [Chief Home Executive] (Motherhood)
Mustaq BREY – CEO Brimstone Investments
Saliegh Salaam – Portfolio Manager of Old Mutual
Aslam Cassiem – Ward Councillor (Government)
Lamees Ras – Urogynaecologist (HealthCare)
Shafiq Morton – Journalist (Radio)
Jessica Mouneimne – Entrepreneur (Entrepreneurship)
Yaaseen Barnes – Comedian (Comedy)
Lois Strachan – Inspirational Speaker & Author (Lifestyle)
Hani du Toit – Coach & Facilitator (Personal Development)
Khalil Hendricks – Speaker/Teacher & Consultant (Quran)
Fareed Berhardien – Founder of LeaveTheCouch (Adventure)
Fatima Jakoet – Pilot & Social Entrepreneur (Aviation)
Naadiya Moosajee – Serial Entrepreneur (Engineering)
Farid Sayed – Founding Editor (Media)
Zarina Ebrahim – Entrepreneur
Moeghsien Aghmad Sulaiman – Mink Menk

Accidental Muslims Competition Hungry for Halaal


Just in case you don’t win the tickets you can still get your ticket from Computicket here.
Price is R300 per ticket for a full day event.


And just in case you haven’t heard of them yet,

Who are Accidental Muslims?

AccidentalMuslims.com is a movement founded by Khalil Alekar and Zaheer Parker whereby they showcase leaders (current & future), in their field or career or life in general, to inspire us to live with purpose.  And we just happened to be Muslims (People who submit to One God).

Coming from a family where most of us were born Muslim – there is this perception that we were Muslims by “accident” or by chance – This platform is here to remind you to live with intentionality, to have this drive to actualize your true potential in this life and to ultimately live with purpose (with faith).

We are living in a world full of negativity, sadness, war, racism and corruption. Our youth are bombarded with negative and unproductive media. How about an alternative? How about showing the world that Muslims are not that bad… we not evil, terrorists and we can harmoniously integrate with society. We actually quite normal like everyone else.

Noted psychiatrist and author George Vaillant recently wrote that the absence of faith is nihilism, not atheism. Faith means believing in something. Without faith of some kind, it isn’t possible to have a sense of meaning, direction, or purpose in life. Without faith, it wouldn’t make sense to expect (or keep) commitments. Some say that, without faith, even science is impossible since science depends on a basic faith that ‘things lie together in a harmony which excludes mere arbitrariness.’

What is your purpose?
Join them to help find it by associating ourselves with like-minded, imperfect leaders who are striving to make a difference in their lives and those around them.








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