How To Find Balance As A Working Mum: The Ultimate Juggling Act

Did you know that around 42% of households in South Africa are run by women? Needless to say, it’s no secret that trying to juggle everything as a working mum can be challenging. On certain days, work pressure, family commitments, household chores and just simply trying to get everything done can be overwhelming. However, it’s important not to get caught up in daily duties, and to remember to make time for you. Even something as simple as just going out to a nice restaurant for dinner with your partner or friends can be enough to recharge and restore some much needed balance to your life.

Find Balance In All Things

When there’s too much pressure on you to succeed in every aspect of life it’s easy to feel inadequate, especially when you see gleaming pictures all over social media of women who seemingly have it all. What if we told you that it is possible to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle that makes you feel on top of the world, instead of crumbling under the pressure of modern life? Living a balanced life is about more than just managing your weight and avoiding bad habits, it is creating balance in all things and taking care of every aspect of your body from your mind and spirit to your heart and lungs.

The Power Of A Happy Home

The problem is that all things aren’t created equal but when your life becomes just the slightest bit unbalanced, it can make you feel completely off kilter which has a negative effect on your physical and emotional well-being. An unbalanced life is full of too much stress and not enough happiness. It’s all work and no play or all selflessness and not enough time to yourself. Often people don’t know where to start when they are looking to make changes in their life. First things first, your home should be a safe haven to retreat to and should bring calmness and peace to everyone who lives there. Here are some ways you can increase the good vibes in your home (by Life in Balance blog) to make a start at restoring the equilibrium of life.

Make Time For Each Other

Don’t let work consume your life, it’s important to make time to connect with your family or friends at least once a week as a chance to off load from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Sitting down to share a meal with people is one of the simplest ways to find balance in your life. Just half an hour together is enough to give everyone a much needed balance restoration after a busy and hectic day at work, school or looking after the kids. If you are a working Mum this is a great way to unwind after a stressful day at work and will give you some quality time with your family.

When Work Pressure Is Too Much

Working Mums can sometimes have it rough. It is difficult enough raising children without the added stress of a job on top, but it is possible to create a work, life and family balance. Striking the balance just right is incredibly difficult and getting it wrong can leave you feeling extremely overwhelmed and fatigued. There are programmes that can help you find balance as a working Mum that offer you a chance to share your experiences with others in the same situation as you. Finding people who are going through the same difficulties in life as you can be really reassuring. The more support you have around you, the more likely you are feel balance in your life. Everybody needs friends they can call on after a rough day and even more so when you are a busy working Mum.

Remember your Spirituality

There’s a reason Muslims pray 5 times a day. Each time you stop and make time for the Almighty, you are grounding yourself emotionally. You are taking light exercise which helps you cope with stress and anxiety and Salaah increases discipline which helps with focus through the many tasks of your busy day.

It’s OK To Be Selfish Once In Awhile

Your health and well-being is so important, it should be at the very top of your to do list. Women tend to leave themselves until last as they think they are being self-indulgent but this could not be further from the truth. It’s true what they say about not being able to pour from an empty cup and in order to succeed in your career or to be the best mother that you can possibly be, you need to put YOU first once in awhile.

Article by guest writer Jane Sandwood


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