How to be a More Adventurous Foodie in 2018

I get really tired of the same ol’ same ol’ all the time. I know sometimes going somewhere where you know what to expect and and which has become somewhat reliable is what you count on. But there’s another word for that too….. b@$&ng! So let’s live a little and go on more foodie adventures in 2018. But there’s so few halaal places to try out I hear you say. No problem. There’s plenty foodie adventures that don’t have to include an actual restaurant each time. Here’s a list of how to change things up for 2018

Hungry for Halaal eating with friends


1. Try at least one new restaurant each month – Round up a few foodie friends. Oh hell, they don’t even need to be foodies. Everyone has to eat right. Make a list at the beginning of the year of 12 places you’d like to try and tick each one off every month. Make sure you leave some flexibility in case any new places open up that you just have to try.

Hungry for Halaal restaurant

2. Start a Dinner Club – For each course the meal happens at a different friends house. So you start with at Friend A for appetisers, Friend B for mains and Friend C for dessert. And if there’s more than 3 friends or families, you just keep track for the next dinner club date and start from there. This sounds like a lot of effort and moving around but it’s loads of fun.

Hungry for Halaal


3. Take a food related class or workshop – Whether it’s Chocolate Appreciation, Basic Cooking or Sushi Making, a foodie class is a great social experience with a friend or an intimate treat with a partner.

Hungry for Halaal sushi


4. Try cooking a new cuisine at least once each month – Whether it’s Italian in February or Chinese in June, try cooking something you don’t normally do for yourself or your family. It’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and keeping things fresh and interesting. If you have younger children it’s a great way to get them to vary their diets and not get stuck on the same type of foods. Mom’s, you’ll know what I mean. It’s a nightmare to sometimes just get them to eat something besides pasta.

Hungry for Halaal burrito


5. Go on a picnic with a pre-ordered picnic basket – Now there’s not too many places that do halaal picnic baskets, but just think of how nice it would be to just take all the hassle out of preparing for a picnic. Order your basket and just show up at your choice of venue.
The iconic Atlantic Express Cake and Coffee Train in Sea Point will deliver your picnic to Green Point Park.
Catering Cuisine also does halaal picnic baskets.
Dial-a-Picnic does themed picnic baskets and they will even set up your picnic for you in specially selected spots. Halaal options are available on request.

Hungry for Halaal picnic


6. Try at least one new food item that scares you a little – you never know what will tickle your fancy. You may get over your fear of oysters or find that you actually enjoy sushi. Or that tripe and trotters that you’ve been avoiding all your life may be the flavour of the gods…….. or not…….. either way, throw caution to the wind and live dangerously!

Hungry for Halaal oysters


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