The votes are in and we are ready to announce the Favourite Halaal Restaurant in Cape Town for 2017 as voted for by you. The No.1 from last year has been dethroned and some newbies have stepped in to show their mettle.

Top 5 Restaurants banner 2017


Congratulations to Khaleeqa Adams who won an Entertainer ZA Membership for her vote to enjoy over the next year.

Here follows the audience vote of the top 5 most loved restaurants in Cape Town.



Jiah offers a refined dining experience in the Cape Town CBD just on the bottom slopes of that most famous landmark Table Mountain.
Full review here.


Coming from the iconic roots of Cosy Corner, Sabria’s has been pleasing Cape Town foodies for a long time. A modern and trendy eatery in the heart of Wynberg.
Full review here.


District Cafe
This popular spot in Woodstock has a loyal following and is great for casual lunches in the week and steaks & grills on the weekend.
Full review here.


La rocca
  Coming from nowhere to make number 2 on this list shows how La rocca has upped their game and become a sought after destination in the busy Canal Walk Mall. Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll find something for everyone.
Full review here.


And at No1!

The Butcher’s Wife
  A small but hugely popular eatery in the heart of Athlone on Belgravia Road. This family business has perfected their menu of craft pizzas, delicious pastas and finger licking grills.
Full review here.




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  • I disagree with the no 1. Buthchers wife restaurant did not treat us well. We requested a table for a family as a walk in and we were disappointed with the waiters rude behavior. I vowed never to support them again

  • Don’t patronize companies that sell products of Zionist owned companies like Coca Cola.
    They call themselves Halaal but don’t support Muslim owned companies like Quality Beverages , Jive. Shame on u .