Examining The Physical And Spiritual Benefits Of Following An Organic Halaal Diet

A Halaal diet can be extremely beneficial as it helps to reduce a person’s saturated fat and cholesterol intake while also prohibiting the consumption of alcohol. South Africa is the Halaal powerhouse of Sub-Saharan Africa with halaal business being valued at an estimated R45 billion. In light of the organic food trend that has taken the country by storm, more and more Muslims are also turning to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle, choosing organic food sources over typical supermarket choices. If you want to amplify the benefits of your halaal diet by incorporating organic products into it you can do so fairly effortlessly by paying a visit to one of the countless food markets that can be found across South Africa.

Organic halaal food Hungry for Halaal


Organic meat choices, in particular, is often a very easy choice to make for true believers as the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) advised his followers to always treat animals with kindness, and kill them mercifully if needed for food. While most people associate halaal only with the slaughtering process, the entire life of the animal needs to be considered. Animals all have the right to eat good food, live to a certain age and be treated well, very befitting of general organic farming practices. Following an organic, halaal diet can prove to be very beneficial, both for one’s physical well-being as well as our vitally-important spiritual health which often gets overlooked.

Physical benefits of an organic diet

Organic fruits, vegetables, and grains are grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and potentially hazardous pesticides, limiting our exposure to them via consumption. Countless commercial herbicides have been classified as probable human carcinogens while popular insecticides have been associated with developmental delays in infants.

When it comes to meat and milk organic products are said to contain as much as 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally-farmed products. The difference comes in how the animal is raised, regardless of whether it is a chicken, a sheep or a cow. The meat and milk of grass-fed livestock that spends the majority of the lives roaming outdoors are said to contain a lot more healthy fats and less synthetic hormones than typical livestock. Organic products are also free of antibiotics, rendering it a lot safer for human consumption. Following an organic diet will rejuvenate our bodies substantially, leaving us feeling healthier, looking younger and living longer.

Spiritual benefits of an organic diet

Islam is a religion that focuses on peace and kindness and one whose followers can benefit greatly from following an organic diet. On a spiritual level, following an organic diet can bring on an increased sense of tranquility. This is due not only to the physical properties of the food but also because we can live with a clear conscience, knowing that what we consume is not impacting our environment in a negative manner. Recognizing that the meat you consume comes from an animal that lived a good life does something for your soul, you feel rejuvenated and at peace with yourself and the world. These spiritual benefits of an organic halaal diet often outweigh the physical ones as spirituality form a very great part of the Islamic religion.

By following an organic halaal diet you really do provide your body, mind, and soul with the best possible nutrition it will require to provide you with a good life. Sustainable living, which includes organic eating as far as possible, really is the only fool-proof way that we can preserve our environment for generations to come.

By Jane Sandwood



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