1st Belvedere Scouts with a Muslim Ethos

My little Taufeeq is not so little anymore. The last 5 years have flown by and he is now in grade 1. He is curious, busy (read hyperactive), happy and noisy and he keeps us young and on our toes. We’ve started thinking that some activities that require discipline like Karate may help him to be a bit calmer and focus more. Don’t get me wrong, he is not a complete monster but his gregarious Sagittarius nature does mean he gets distracted quite easily. Sadly, he does not seem too interested in Karate. So more recently we’ve been exploring the idea of him joining the Scouts.

The Scouts have a long tradition. They teach life skills and have activities that allow kids to explore. This would be a great fit for my busy little munchkin. Alas, I have to wait till he is 7 before he can join. I came to know of the 1st Belvedere Scouts Group based in Claremont which is a mixed group but is run by a Muslim team. The scout group is  Islamic orientated, encompassing Islamic values with scouting principles.

This article that follows was written by the Pack Scouter of the 1st Belvedere Scouts for Hungry for Halaal.

1st Belvedere Scouts Hungry for Halaal


1st Belvedere Scouts

1st Belvedere scouts is one of the few Muslim scout groups of the Western Cape. Founded in 2015, they are located on the corner opposite Belvedere Square. On a Friday evening you can may notice uniformed children aged 7 up to 17 occupying the playground immersed in group games or just gathering about.

Each Friday afternoon of the school term, after school parents will drop their kids at the hall. Some might think it’s just like any old extra mural they offer at school, trying to get their child to join a team sport to socialise, gain a skill or expand their interests, trying to get them away from their daily digital addictions, or just trying to have a relaxing Friday afternoon without the kids. However those with the right idea know that scouts is more than just that.

Why join?

What attracts parents to scouts is the holistic approach the organisation has to teaching kids about life in a fun and exciting way. What makes it different from school is that its approach is through play. Some might see uniform and immediately think oh, why would anyone want to go to a second school? But little do they know, that uniform entitles them to so many more opportunities. Some might think that they are not able to join. It’s a prestigious thing you need to have certain skills or talent for. But unlike most extra murals all it takes is enthusiasm and an interest in it, and maybe a fee (don’t worry, it’s a small one!).

1st Belvedere Scouts Hungry for Halaal

Community Engagement

Scouts provides kids with the opportunity to widen their vision. To not focus just on school, but out into their communities and the world, beyond that smartphone or iPhone screen. SCOUTs as an organisation is constantly involved in global issues. On a weekly meeting basis kids get involved in learning about awareness, outdoors, community and aptitude whilst gaining skills such as team work, sociability and time management.

1st Belvedere Scouts Hungry for Halaal

As a scout you will be required to attend the weekly meetings and join adventurous activities and annual camps. During the weekly meetings you will advance through a trail that encompasses navigation, knotting, fire-making and first aid survival skills. These can help you in situations such as exams or a zombie apocalypse, you never know when it might come in handy! We also put a strong focus on spirituality and ceremonies, that instills a culture of pride and an attitude of appreciation.

1st Belvedere hosts annual fundraisers which are open to the community, which usually always involves good food! With more support we can do more, so volunteer with us and enroll your kids and get involved in your community upliftment. We are always open to new fresh ideas. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our website. If you would like to join you can mail us at info@1stbelvederescouts.co.za.

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1st Belvedere Scouts Hungry for Halaal


1st Belvedere Scouts Hungry for Halaal


1st Belvedere Scouts Hungry for Halaal


1st Belvedere Scouts Hungry for Halaal


1st Belvedere Scouts Hungry for Halaal


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  • So glad to here that there are Muslim troops within SA! I am a Scouter at 1st Walmer in Port Elizabeth, a majority Christian group. I’m not actually sure if we have Muslim troops in the EC, but if we had Muslim children who wanted to join us we would do our best to incorporate their religion into scouting for them and promote Islamic values. Scouts puts a huge emphasis on a child’s duty to his/her God, and I’m sure any troop you go to will gladly accommodate your child. So even if you can’t find an Islamic Troop near you, know that any Scout troop will welcome you!

    • Thank you so much for your your lovely comment and feedback Aimee. It’s so great to hear the willingness of the Scouts to accommodate all religions. Living it close to our country’s constitutional values as well.

  • My sons are both with 1st Belvedere. They, and I, are happy with the group. During Ramadaan, they have an iftar for the kids and they also do quite a few social responsible activities. Please contact the group on the above email for any information ;or if you would like your child to experience one of the meetings

    • Hi Abdul Khaalieq. Do you have contact details for them. I’d like to compile a complete list of Muslim based scouts groups.

  • Thanks for this. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article. Even though my son is a few months old, it’s never too early to be aware of these awesome opportunities for when he’s older!

    • Thanks Saajida. That’s so true. I did not even think about scouts until now and my little one is 5.

  • Interesting article, what about the original muslim scout groups like 1st Salt River and 1st Wetton????

    • Thanks Yazeed. It would be great to have a complete list. Please let me know of any Muslim based Scouts group and contact details and I will compile a list.