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Great Halaal Makeup Brands and where to find them

Halaal Makeup Hungry for Halaal

Have you ever wondered just what goes into your makeup? I know I have. Over the years I have become more careful in choosing makeup that is not tested on animals and that is free of harmful ingredients. This, not only because I don’t want to mess up my skin but I also believe makeup does not need to be tested on innocent animals. We’ve got to be more compassionate and responsible in choosing our brands. Horrific methods are used for testing on animals.

Making the right choices

Another thing we have to be cognisant of are the effects on the environment, be it fumes or even the plastic microbeads in your shower gel that is harmful to marine life. That being said, it is evident that more and more women are becoming aware of the adverse effects of using makeup with synthetic chemicals. Hence the explosion of natural beauty or ‘clean beauty’ over the past few years. There has also been a market for halaal makeup that is free of alcohol and other non-halaal ingredients.

Supporting local

We could also do with supporting more of our local brands. Not only are they more likely to offer makeup free of harmful chemicals but you will also be able to speak to the owners directly should you have any queries. I’ve tried a few local brands and although some are not of Bobbi Brown or MAC standard in terms of effectiveness and staying power, others do a decent job of staying put for most of the day and have a good pigment. With a tad more input and tweaks these brands have the ability to become popular enough to find themselves in our makeup bags.

I have done a little research (so you don’t have to of course) and have compiled a list of beauty products that are not tested on animals and are free of or mostly free of harmful ingredients. Some local and some international brands, some halaal brands, some tried and tested by me and others not. Hopefully this helps you make better choices when choosing your makeup next time. Most of the brands below are available through online shopping yaaaay!

1. BNE by Bint Nur Ebrahim

This is a South African brand that is free of harmful ingredients, contains only halaal ingredients and is not tested on animals. They offer a variety of luxurious lipsticks in various shades while the lipstick casing is beautiful and opulent.
Shop online at www.bnecosmetics.com, you can also view various stores that stock this product.

Halaal Makeup Hungry for Halaal

2. Glamore Cosmetics

Also a local South African brand, helmed by a Dr Gael Fenhalls. Both the makeup and skincare range, Hean and Oceanic are hypoallergenic, free of harmful ingredients and cruelty free (not tested on animals). Hean contains no animal derived products. They are imported from Poland and are essentially European brands sold in SA under Glamore Cosmetics.
Shop online at www.glamorecosmetics.co.za

Halaal Makeup Hungry for Halaal

3. Inglot

This Polish brand has made waves in the past 10 years, predominantly for their high pigmented colour palettes as well as their Freedom System which allows you to match up your very own palettes. They have signed an agreement with PETA which means they have agreed not to test on animals. Although not completely free of harmful ingredients, they are trying to be more eco-friendly with their packaging. The breathable nail enamel was one of the first on the market aimed at Muslim women. Their scientists have advised that oxygen and water pass through the nail enamel due to a highly advanced polymer. The breathable nail enamel does not come without its fair share of controversy in terms of whether it is permissible or not. To each their own, I always say.
Shop online at http://inglotsouthafrica.com

Halaal Makeup Hungry for Halaal

4. Coloressence

This is the makeup division of Nature’s Essence, an Indian brand. They offer affordable makeup such as foundations, lipsticks, kajal, blush, eye shadow pencils and mascaras. Are 100% vegetarian and their makeup contain no animal products. They are also proudly cruelty free.
Available at various pharmacies in SA.
Contact Mehjabeen Rawoot Parker on Natures.essence.ct@gmail.com for any product enquiries.

Halaal Makeup Hungry for Halaal

5. Maya

Maya is a North American Brand from Chicago. Their nail lacquers are certified halaal, water permeable, breathable, vegan and cruelty free. They offer an extensive range of colours to suit all tastes.
Available locally from Fowzia. Call: 079 214 2232 or email: foziamaj@gmail.com

Halaal Makeup Hungry for Halaal

6. Amara Halal Cosmetics

Amara is a North American makeup brand which is fully halaal certified. They use only natural ingredients and do not test on animals. Thus they are vegan-friendly too. They offer liquid and pressed powder foundation, bronzer, eyeshadow, lipstick and breathable polish.
Shop online at https://www.prettysuci.com
PS: please keep in mind shipping costs when shopping at PrettySuci.

Halaal Makeup Hungry for Halaal

7. So.Lek Cosmetics

This Malaysian brand is both wudhu-friendly and cruelty free. They are currently in the process of securing halaal certification. They use mostly natural ingredients such as Vitamin E and Olive Oil, however their products do contain a small percentage of methyl parabens. Their quirky name is inspired by the phrase ‘So? Relax!’. They offer lipsticks, called Gincu, which are available in nude and bold shades. They also offer BB cream and blushes.
Shop online at https://www.prettysuci.com
PS: please keep in mind shipping costs when shopping at PrettySuci.

Halaal Makeup Hungry for Halaal

8. Zahara

A Singaporean brand created two sisters, they offer halaal certified breathable nail polish in various shades. The polish is highly pigmented yet thinner than most. It is easily removed. So much so that they offer their own nail polish remover too.
Shop online at https://www.prettysuci.com
PS: please keep in mind shipping costs when shopping at PrettySuci.

Halaal Makeup Hungry for Halaal

Lastly, happy shopping ladies! Until next time ?

By Rafieka Banderker
Accountant by profession, writer at heart. Avid traveller, adrenaline junkie and bookworm.
“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life”- Rumi
The above quote pretty much sums me up. I live life to its absolute fullest!


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