WIN a Ladies Breakfast & Beauty Treatments for 4 with Mugg & Bean Kenilworth Centre and Hair Topic

When the boss has you working overtime all week, the kids won’t give you a break and stress levels are running high, what could be better than a little time out with our besties? A little bit of girl time, some good food and a bit of pampering is a therapy that can revitalise the soul.

In honour of Women’s Month, and to celebrate the ways in which women make the world not just a better but a more beautiful place, Mugg & Bean Kenilworth Centre are treating four lovely ladies to a delicious breakfast and a beauty treatment of their choice by Hair Topic Beauty Salon.


M&B Ladies Breakfast Competition


So what do you have to do to stand a chance of winning this awesome prize? Simply fill in the form below  and you’ll be in the running.

Good Luck!


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Competition ends on 31 August 2018
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  • I’m a mother a wife and most of all a hard-working lady who 88 days was diagnosed with ovarian cancer which was and still is the biggest shock in my life ..I’m a very dedicated woman never in my life been sick or at home with flu ..I’m one of 4 ladies that starts work at 4:30am and works till the last truck is in our distribution ..I don’t know what lies ahead for me I haven’t had the time to say I can go have fun cause I work Monday to Saturday and Sunday is my home duties day so yes do I need a break . From life ..yes cause life knocked me down big time now and all o can do or have been doing the last 30 days is to tell woman how important it is to go check yourself out never let a pain slide or be ignored it’s woman’s month and if I knew a year back what I know now ..I would have made more time for me being a woman .

  • We as women needs to be celebrated everyday
    Not only are we beautiful, loving, caring and hardworking but we always put everyone’s needs before ourselves. No matter how tired or with all the aches and pains we always remain strong and push through our daily tasks. With determination and perseverance we fight through our circumstances….
    A day of pampering would be just what we need.

  • This will be an absolutely amazing prize to win. With a super busy 5 and 2 year old, I think my body, mind and soul is saying “pick me, pick me”?

  • Women play such an integral role in our community. They are mothers, teachers, supporters, workers. Often a lot of it goes unnoticed and is expected. Not many realise the pivotal influence women have made and will still make in the future.

  • Been popping by quite a bit lately and have not been disappointed. Very fussy eater but no complaints. Friendly staff and the service is exceptional! Value for money and conveniently located. To all the ladies #keepshining

  • I’d love to take my mom and aunts for a thoroughly well deserved lunch at M&B. They have given so much in raising their families, running a household, work lives and making sure we feel loved……they used to go to M&B for a monthly catch up but since 1 aunt is being treated for breast cancer, they haven’t done this in a while. It would be such a special outing for all of them!

  • Women are always put everyone else’s needs before their own. Women are strong because they carry the weight of the world on.their shoulders. And this month is the month to show our appreciation to our mothers, aunt’s grandmother’s, sisters and friends who are always there for us no matter how small!!

  • Women deserve to be pampered because my mom always says: “the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world!” And I couldn’t agree more! If not for our mothers to guide us, where would we be today? We should treasure our mothers who sacrifice everything for their children.

  • Gone are the days of celebrating my Birthday from the 1st August till actual day of 31st August. Work and home is the norm now. No more partying just work and home. Caring not just for my own 4 kids and 3 grand children but also a few other kids in the family. But Blessed and Humble I will stay!!! So winning would be not just a Birthday gift but also spending so much needed time with my BFF’s!!!

  • The 2 things I love most – food and pampering! How awesome would it be to share the prize with loved ones 🙂

  • its my moms birthday – she is turning 60 and would love to spoil her with this gift. fingers crossed! xx mwah

  • Awesome Prize… I would love to win this prize especially the Beauty Treatment. I need a little bit of TLC to keep me going for another year… 😉 . My sisters will love this prize. Good Luck

  • I sooo need a break away from the kids, hubby and daily motherhood and wifely duties. Some girl time to relax would be just what I need.

  • My mom and fiancé’s mom needs this, especially with all the wedding planning and my close friend and i could really do with this after our exams.

  • i would like to have my mom and cousins join me if this treat is bestowed upon me. mom been through a rough chemotherapy and operation and cousins have supported her.

  • This would be so amazing to win for me and my ladies , we definitely need a ladies day and this would be so great ! ?❤️

  • We work just as hard as men.. and running a household and having a full time job while taking care of your family is a huge task.. so I think just for this reason, we should be recognized.

  • My friends and I work 12 hours a day and we never have time to pamper ourself because when we arrive home we look after our families. Weekend is for cleaning the house and doing others house chores

  • Would love to win and spoil my mom, she’s been ill for a while and deserve a special treat. A true woman of strength and sabr!! Here’s to all the ladies this Women’s month. oxoxo

  • This sounds totally amazing! With the new addition to my family soon , i could use this time out with my mom and mom-in-law & sister for some spoils.

  • mugg n bean is simply the best. will really appreciate this spoil…… thank you kenilworth mugg n bean.

  • such an awesome prize with hardly anytime for this mommy to ever spoil herself and then to get to share it with good friends, Priceless !

  • Super awesome prize to treat my two sisters and my best friend. They are the 3 ladies that are always there when I need them.

  • Because we lead such full and busy lives, my sisters and I never get the opportunity to spend quality time together. This breakfast will be a great way to reconnect and catch up.

  • This would be awesome. Would love to spend the day with my mom and sisters, being pampered and just relaxing.

  • This is a fantastic give away…
    I would love this gift. Definitely good relaxation for my mom too

  • As I’m expecting my first baby later this year my body is constantly transforming and I need to get comfortable in my skin as I prepare for the journey of motherhood. I would love to treat my mother in law as she lost her husband 5 months ago yet remains our pillar of strength and support in this next chapter of our lives

  • Always wanted to try a mugg and bean but too pricey for my mother , if id won i would take the chance to spoil my mother , her mother and my great grandmother.GOODLUCK TO ALL!

  • I would love to win this prize. We have been going through a tough time this week we have lost my dad and this gift would really mean so much…We as women deserve the little spoils in life..??

  • What woman doesn’t deserve to be pampered and spoilt, we are mommies , sisters, doctor ,therapists, psychologist I could go on and on, we don’t have anyone to pass the baton to, we just GTA keep going,being a woman is a 24hr 365day job because we are depended on to be just that awesome , so good luck ladies and keep being awesome

  • Ladies day well overdue, but it’s more to secure a booking at Mugg n Bean. Since they’ve opened n KC, each time we get out there, even on our own, its always fully booked, no jokes, either they’d have to expand their venue but hey, it’s tough to get QT let alone a spot at Mugg n Bean and with that, I’d like to experience what the rave is all about, and what better way than to destress with my home-mammas..ISA, good luck to all??…PS was my bday last week and we never even got time to celebrate?

  • Wow this is absolutely what i need to spoil my daughters with this womans month to show them a token of my appreciation and love for them

  • Wow what an amazing review and giveaway indeed i would love to spoil my mom and sister with this amazing treat? woman’s month

  • When I win what a great way this would be to spoil the important woman, as well as role models in my life. They are the stature of what a strong woman entails hardworking, strong, caring and selfless. A lil bit of time out and spoiling would help them to carry on.

  • My dear sister, Subeiga Nagdee, needs to be pampered. She is a strong woman who has triumphed many trials and tribulations for almost 2 years and she soldiers on, first the death of her mother-in-law, then the sudden passing of our own mother, now her 12-year old boy has been diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder.

    I salute you my dear sister. Much love ❤

  • This gift will be so welcoming and deserving for my mom (and I lol). Her entire body, mind and soul need time off to just relax and unwind. Her hands, face and feet particularly is a representation of hard work and struggle. She always refuses to spend a few rands on herself because she feels she can make use of the money in another way that’s of more importance. Mommy needs the break to just dress up for once and not care about anyone but herself!



  • I used to eat breakfast regularly at KC spur, with my sis in law who passed away earlier this year, if i do win i shall ask her daughter and family to join me, in memory of Lyn Kenney

  • This would be amazing to get! My friends and I are all hardworking teachers/soon-to-be teachers.
    All our time, energy and money goes to our classrooms and children in the classes so we don’t have money to spoil ourselves like this. ❤️

  • I would really appreciate this to spoil myself and the woman who give me daily encouragement. I struggle daily , and they always know how to help me turn my negative into a positive.

  • I would love to treat my mother and aunt to this! They are the most special people ever! We love going for tea and coffee at mugg and bean and never ever miss an oppurtunity to get some of the worlds best carrot cake and pepermintcrisp cake!
    And again my aunt and mother truely deserves a bit of spoils

  • We all get caught up in the rat race called life. We have been trying to meet up for months now and it’s just not happening due to family responsibilities or other commitments. This will force us to take some time out and just relax and pamper ourselves for a change. It would feel like taking a holiday. #hoping to reset the clock

  • Women should be recognised for their work and their potential with proper compensation which they deserve.

  • Being a stay at home mom, we dont get the credit as much as working moms do. People tend to think we do nothing all day, yet we’re just as hardworking and always busy 24/7 as every other mom. We dont earn money in return, but pure love and warmth from our kids ?

  • I would love to win. I would love to spoil my mom 🙂 I can never repay her for everything that she has done for me. She means the world to me.

  • I’m a proud mom of five beautiful daughters. My mom a proud glam ma of 7. My sister proud mum of 2 and my sister in law a brand new wife and full time nursing student… Different walks in life but all passionate about our family… We would like to win this awesome prize ?

  • What better way to celebrate mom than winning this and sending her and 3 of her besties to be spoilt in the run-up to her 60th birthday in September!

  • This is fantastic. I love Mugg & Bean and a salon treatment would just be the cherry on top.. some special bonding time especially when you a working mom, between work and wife and mom duties some time out will be the best especially cos there’s another on the way..

  • Strength and resilience are often qualities ascribed to men. But often time we forget that they’re only strong and resilient because they’re half women

  • I would love to be pampered and Mugg &Beans is my favorite go to place for coffee and delicious date and nut muffins.

  • Women can be beautiful, generous, fearless, inspirational, strong and independent at the same time; and in addition to that they are able to bring happiness to others on a daily basis ❤️

  • Women are the Mothers, teachers and Nurturers of the nation. A woman will not be satisfied until everyone around her is happy, leaving her own happiness aside. A man will never experience the joys of carrying and bringing life into this world and similarly, will not achieve what women achieve successfully. Winning this competition will give me an opportunity to treat the women who inspire me to aim high. Thank you for this awesome competition

  • Women are the Mothers, teachers and Nurturers of the nation. A woman will not be satisfied until everyone around her is happy, leaving her own happiness aside. A man will never experience the joys of carrying and bringing life into this world and similarly, will not achieve what women achieve successfully. Winning this competition will give me an opportunity to treat the women who inspire me to aim high. Thank you for this awesome competion

  • Wow what an amazing giveaway. This will be the perfect way to unwind, we as woman do so much for our families besides being mom and wife we work so hard and the list of things on our to-do list is never ending. You get home thinking to relax but that word doesnt exist, we exausted yet we still have so much to give. Hoping to win this awesome giveaway to spoil my Mom and aunts.

  • Women of Worth, Kind, loving and funny. We listen and advise and offer butter chicken (home made or ordered from our beloved restaurants) in times of distress and ginger.
    We are natural caregivers and a blessing to the world.
    And we get to wear pretty dresses and eyeshadow while doing all this.

  • This is so awesome. As cliche as it sounds, breakfast is really my most important meal of the day. If i have a good breakfast, my day is made?

  • Best Mugg&Bean in the mother city to enjoy a catch up with beautiful women who inspire me and to have a nice cuppa jo and slice of cake

  • Women do everything. From working to raising kids being a doctor, a nurse, an engineer, a maid, a chef, a caretaker a tutor, a mentor, the list can go on. We are multitaskers, we are the rock to our homes, the lifeline, the reason, the sense. Women deserve everything good in this world.

  • Fingers crossed.
    We are all here because of one woman, the one who gave life, who fed and nurtered us. We are who we are because of that special lady ??❤️

  • Women by nature are givers and very rarely fo they take the time to take a break. To be able to take that break would be great but allowing others to do it as well would be even better.

  • My 3 sisters are my pillars of strength… Since my mom passed it has been us against the world… we support each other through everything and help each other when its needed! They are the strongest women i know… and they deserve this!!! xoxo

  • me and ladies always deserve a moment for ourselves, and M&B is awesome, creating fun times and good laughs , just the gals…

  • What an amazing opportunity to share with friends and to give us the opportunity to lift each other up and share my thoughts on what I admire about them, being mothers, sisters, career women and most of all how I value their friendship.


  • It would be amazing to win this FABULOUS prize we ladies are All hard working and our job is never done until everyone is in bed at night. We are 5 girls and of cause our beloved 80 year old mom we often too busy with our own lives and never get the time to spend it together so this would be such a lovely opportunity to have breakfast together at Mugg and Bean and be treated with pampering we don’t mind paying for the 2 extra meals as long as we can be together and enjoy each other’s company. That in itself would be totally Awesomeness please consider us.

  • Women are strong, nurturing, wise, innovative and deserve a fabulous month of appreciation and recognition. Respect to our sisterhood! Thanks for the awesome prize up for grabs.

  • We havent seen each other in forever. It will be a great time to catch up. The atmosphere of mugg and bean is the perfect setting.

  • All women are deserving of a break! We are such multi taskers and often we see to everyone else first. I say we need to put ourselves first every now and then! #girlsrule

  • This prize wud be amazing to share with my sisters and my daughter.We are all hard working mom’s who could do with some TLC from the awesome sponsors to celebrate our sisterhood & enjoy each others company .Super cool prize to all the women who work dam hard doing twice the workload usually that men do.?

  • Women, the givers, receivers, takers of the Universe.. The soul of every land… At times we as women are not recognised for all we are. Myself and my closest definately deserve as all other women, this awsome giveaway. Just to know that you appreciated, IS ENOUGH… <3

  • My girls and I are all stay at home moms, finding the time to get pampered is simply unimaginable for us. We love what we do, having the power to shape and mold our little ones is absolutely priceless and worth every minute, but even superheroes need some pampering too?

  • A woman usually keep everything together and are being under estimated. We are just as clever and awesome as men. We raise the future leaders in our kids

  • Amazing prize. I would spoil my mother as she has gone through a rough time over these past few months. She is the type of mother who would give you a second serving of the pie even if its the last and she hasn’t even had yet 🙂

  • Back in the olden days women used to be the ones staying at home – cooking, cleaning and making sure kids are raised and have everything they need….Today women are expected to do the same….and work…so women are phenomenal human beings!!!!!! I have 3 teenage daughters, a 8 year old son and a 7 month old baby girl….i have to work….be the cook…and the taxi….thank goodness we all clean together…..Here’s to All the Women….happy women’s months

  • We are the Mothers of all Nations! pleases everyone and sometimes forget to look after ourselves first, this will be the perfect opportunity to have some normal “girl talk” and get away from the norm….

  • Women are amazing. We have to be so many things to the people around us. We are a strong, brave, kind, loving, organisers, cooks, cleaners and the list goes on. We are hard working and it doesn’t stop. We definitely deserve at least one day of the year to be honoured and spoilt. I would love to spoil the women in my life who love and support me with this prize.

  • This would be the perfect gift for all Ladies as all of us have our everyday challenges cut out for us. Whether your a mother, sister, wife, daughter or just a friend. We as woman have alot to deal with on a daily basis therefor to have a treat like this is just the perrrrrrfect give any one could ask for. And then to top it, I accept any opportunity to eat at Mugg and Bean KC, breakfast, lunch, or supper!Mmmmmmm yummy cant wait!!!!

  • Would absolutely love to win this prize to be able to spoil my friends and show them how much I love them. Everyone has had a tough year trying to make the through break ups, divorces and just trying to make through studies. This would be fantastic break from reality!

  • Finally Women are seen and appreciated for all that they do, would love to treat my mom and sisters for all they they do!

  • Why women deserve to be recognised:
    If you’re all about egalitarianism, though, you might be wondering why one gender needs a particular month devoted to its contributions to and arguments about history. And the answer’s actually pretty simple: It’s because, when it comes to history, the story of women is largely one of exclusion, silence, absence and bias, and we need a month (at minimum) to redress the balance. Women have made a lot of history and most imes dont get the credit they derserve!

  • We ladies spend so much time caring for the rest of our family members its time for a well deserved break.

  • Starting a new job soon and working late hours, but thats the norm with the amazing woman in my life. working hard and late – but it means less time to do girl time. some time out with my sisters would be amazing.

  • I would love to win this awesome prize to spoil my wonderful 3 besties. We women all deserve time out. They have been there to share my hopes and dreams.

  • All woman should get the recognition they deserve. We are strong and we deserve 2 be spoiled a little. Often we take care of everything and everyone else and forget about ourselves. Woman are power!

  • Women are beautiful and unique, we can multi task and have the power to be a mother, a wife, a friend when needed, to hold a house together ,to be successful in our careers, to love unconditionally and take care of others before ourselves. We are super women!!! #Mugg&BeankenilworthCentre#Hairtopic

  • AsalaamuAlaikum

    Shukrun for this opportunity in recognizing the invaluable role women play on all fronts be it as mother, sister, daughter, aunt and/or going out to work to support their family. We have women who fulfill one, a few or all of the above, whatever role(s) we play, all women deserve to be celebrated and most importantly appreciated!

    I’m a stay at home mom of 3 kids, aged 12, 11 and 8. I do part time admin work from home, going in once a month to take minutes of meeting. For the past 2 weeks I’ve also been looking after my husband’s niece, aged 8, while her parents are on Hajj.

    I would REALLY love to win this giveaway to spoil not only myself, but my mom, mom in law and domestic helper, who all tirelessly assist in making my life easier.

    Muneerah Karriem

  • Women work at home and away from home, sometimes more than one job. Men, some men, expect their women to do everything. Some women work longer hours than men.

  • Women are strong, resilient and amazing – the things we go through and survive (even at the hands of others). We definitely deserve to be recognized – we birthed some of the best people! One thing I noticed in this day and age is women putting other women down, for any reason. I think it’s sad when most of us already have the odds stacked against us in many different ways (poverty, abuse, lack of education, wage gap etc). We should be building one another up instead of pushing other women down to get to the top or to feel better about ourselves. This women’s month, I have decided to make a bigger effort to support and help fellow women instead of spreading any form of negativity. I think if women helped other women, the results would be amazing.

    • I used the wrong email address that doesn’t match with the form… please consider this comment as an entry, thanks!

  • Women should be recognized because they are the front runners in our society today, they are not only mothers but they are also career women.
    A mother is a child’s first teacher if we empower a woman you empower a nation. Majority of women today not only have a career but they also come home to see kids, and the home

  • Raising 2 kids and a husband is very hard work. Lol, but seriously, it was my birthday on the 21 July and my sisters helped me out tremendously. I just want to say Shukran to them and spoul them. Love them lots.

  • Hi , this will be so an amazing treat for me and my friends. We all need a break , all of us are hard working mommies nd never have the time to take a break . We always put our kids first and I never ever won anything . You guys have stunning foods.

  • My friends and I have just stepped into the world out there. Young and ambitious. Catching up would be blast! We love KC, the food, shops, etc.
    Would be the perfect “time out”.

  • i would absolutely LOVE to win this amazing prize for me and my siblings! Definitely much needed!

  • Assalaamu alaykoem “train your mind to see the good in people. Always remember that the good you find in others is a reflection of the good that is in YOU. Enjoy your day, shukran:)

  • I am a working wife, whose husband passed away 4 1/2 months ago and it was not easy and I think…no…i know I deserve to be pampered.

  • Aw please give this to me, today’s my birthday. I haven’t been out since last year with my besties and need the break, it’s just work, supper, dishes , laundry, cleaning it’s the same old routine all the time ! It’s womens month and we deserve something special . Good luck to all ?

  • Who doesn’t love some me or pampering time.
    Mugg & Bean and Hair Topic is perfect! The atmosphere, good food and service. #memorablememories

  • Seeing that all my friends and I are teachers, this will be the perfect spoil. Mugg & Bean is always our top pick during holidays. This win will just be the cherry on top with a spa treatment. Mmmmm

  • Woman deserves to be recognised as they are the individual who are the strongest and who has to endure the most

  • Whether you’re a home executive or working office hours 8-5.. we women spend most of the extra hours in the day loving, caring and supporting others. From managing a house into home and juggling everything else in between, taking time out for some self love is crucial and this the perfect opportunity for 4 wonderful women to enjoy the love and pampering they so freely give to others <3


  • Wow what an awesome prize to win, I’d really love to win this especially as its my birthday month.

  • Us women deserve to be recognised by our focus and always willing serve with all interest at heart to overcome obstacles! This is totally my mother and sister.

  • Woman are great they should always be recognised in this world if it wasnt for woman and there strong body and mentality non of us would be in existence. Like the saying goes “behind every successful man there is a woman” so without woman that sacrifices her happiness all the time to see her family excell in whatever they doing, there wouldn’t be successful people in this world. I wouldn’t mind winning this awesome giveaway.

  • Because us women are superbeings, often slaying in the corporate world, only to come home at the end of the day only to slay in the kitchen to ensure our family has a nourishing wholesome meal cooked with love. This often leaves too little time for self-care and pampering.

  • I would love to take this opportunity to spoil my mom and 2 sisters with extra special treatment…we ALWAYS having our breakfast @ M&B…but definitely not beauty treatment…this will be ‘Super-Cool’

  • my friends and i are all hardworking mommies. I think we deserve a bit of pampering as all our money gets spent on the kids. and hardly any for ourselves to enjoy.