Pizza Del Forno, Killarney launches their new menu

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food! “ and home cooked meals are always our first choice. Perhaps undoubtedly because, home cooked ensures only the best ingredients go in and cooking is done with great care and love. Every now and then, however, we are pleasantly surprised with meals served by food outlets that are just as great. There are some venues, we repeatedly visit for the very same reason. One such venue for us, is halaal certified Pizza Del Forno, situated in Killarney Mall.

I have lost track of the number of times we’d eaten there. You can read up on my first experience in my previous post. Many visits later, Pizza Del Forno in Killarney, despite already having a large menu to suit a variety of taste buds, have further expanded their menu. We were invited to try out their new meals. Naturally, we were excited to eat at the venue we frequent.

We called in and booked for a Sunday afternoon. The restaurant was buzzing as usual when we got there. We were met with smiles and friendly service, as is their norm, and taken to our table that was already set up and reserved especially for us. Sundays are extra special at Pizza Del Forno, as kids eat free.

Promise, was our waiter for the afternoon. She was well acquainted with the menu, as are all the waiters at Pizza Del Forno. An informed waitress always makes ordering alot easier and fun in my experience. Promise, informed me of the new dishes as we paged through the menu. New meals are as follows:

  1. Quite a few things new on the breakfast menu, such as the new and improved Americano breakfast, the Elvis, Strawberry macon stacker, Chocolate hazelnut stacker and Salmon stacker to name a few.
  2. New in the appetizers, is the Dukkha crusted beef salad,
  3. New in the main meals are the Three cheese gnocchi, Pasta El Greco, Chicken Tikka Pizza, the Honey rump steak, Feta Prego fillet, Souvlaki and Falafel burger.
  4. New on the desserts menu is the Eton Mess, Choc chip cookie doughnut and Chocolate baklava.
  5. New on the drinks menu are their unique range of Midnight Mocktails which contain activated charcoal, a range of hot teas and Choc Chai.

We ordered the Dukkha crusted beef salad for starters. The kids chose a burger combo, Margherita pizza and chicken strips with milkshakes from the dedicated kids menu. I ordered the Feta Prego fillet with a Choc Chai and my better half ordered the Honey rump steak along with an iced coffee to drink. We then shared the Chocolate Chip Cookie doughnut dessert.


Our starters arrived with the kids meals. It was picture perfect! I am definitely a salad person and this dish made a salad person out of my meat loving hubby. The crusted beef was succulent and cut easily, mild, yet flavorsome without the need for hot spices. The flavors permeated and went harmoniously with the freshly prepared salad. The Dukkha Crusted beef is an Egyptian Dukkha crusted rump, with cherry tomatoes and parmesan tossed in olive oil and definitely left us wanting more. Dukkha is generally considered to be an Egyptian condiment made of a mixture of nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. For a starter it makes a great Summer main meal.

The drinks on their own are well worth it, and this makes PDF the ideal venue for business meets or coffee breaks during the week, if you are in the vicinity. The Chocolate Chai is a hot drink topped with cream and was absolutely delicious. It nixed my Chai and chocolate craving in one go and I’m so glad to see this new addition to the menu. I really wanted to try the activated charcoal midnight Mocktails, but with the weather on the fritz, opted for a hot beverage instead. I’ll definitely give them a try on my next visit, InshaAllah. My husband was more than satisfied with the iced coffee, which according to him, had the ratio of coffee to ice just right.

Our main meals took a while, but about the average time any good restaurant would take to freshly prepare meals. When it arrived, I was chuffed that it looked as amazing as it does on the menu. I was particularly impressed with my order, The Feta Prego fillet. This is a 250g, succulent fillet steak topped with a tomato and Feta Prego sauce served with green beans on a bed of mash potato. It was as delicious as it sounds. The mash is real, so no powdered smash here and the steak is a thick cut that was tender and easy to chew. The Feta and Prego sauce is a tangy, sweet and spicy burst of flavor. The whole meal was amazing together as was each of the parts that make it up, all the way to the tender cooked green beans. Definitely a must for beef and condiment lovers.

The Honey rump steak is just as delicious but milder, very flavorsome without chillies and a sweeter offering. My husband generally prefers the kind of meal I ordered, but loved his milder beef meal because it is big on flavor. The Honey Rump steak is a 200g succulent steak fillet with an infused butter sauce, served with green beans on a bed of Macon mash potato.

Both meals were served piping hot and are generous portions. Two people could easily share each of these meals, though I doubt you would want to…lol.

We weren’t planning on dessert, but our kids were keen to try the Chocolate Chip Cookie doughnut. We all dug into the deep fried Chocolate Chip Doughnuts drizzled with chocolate and a side of creamy vanilla ice cream. It was cutlery war between four sets of sweet teeth. Jokes aside, the desserts too will have you wanting to go easy on the main meal, just to get to it.



We also ordered their new Chicken Tikka Pizza to go. We were way too full from our meals, so opted to have it the next day. What’s great about PDF pizzas is that the crust is super thin and the filling is balanced, which lessens the carb load. Their pizzas taste good even the day after whether you choose to warm it in the micro or oven.

Just one restaurant and you are spoiled with the best halaal breakfast menu, attention to detail in every meal, beverage and dessert. They have it all from gourmet appetizers, to fast food and chef meals, and everything is always in stock. I’m yet to see a more varied menu or more friendly staff.

For full details about Pizza Del Forno find their listing here.


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