Buffets and Diners in Cape Town that are fully halaal

Need to feed a lot of people? Looking for a venue that serves a buffet for lunch or dinner in the Mother City? Here is a slideshow of halaal buffets and diners in Cape Town to solve all your mealtime blues.

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  1.  126 Cape Kitchen and Cafe. Enjoy their Curry Cup buffet every Thursday night in an upmarket setting inside the Hilton Hotel. The cost is R215 per person. They also serve a breakfast buffet.
  2. Sabrias, Wynberg is an upmarket spot in downtown Wynberg. They occasionally serve a buffet lunch on Sundays and every year for Eid. Please contact them for current dates and pricing. They also do a buffet for 35 people or more on order from R225 per person.
  3. The Village Buffet. This Buffet restaurant on Long street in Cape Town offers unlimited drinks and a wide selection of unlimited food including prawns, ribs, sushi, pizza, pasta and Indian cuisine. They do hot seating which means there is a maximum seating time of 2 hours. The buffet cost is R170 per person.
  4. Bo Kaap Kombuis. A cosy, homely restaurant in Bo Kaap with a great view of Table Mountain that offers regular Cape Malay style buffets for small groups or private functions.
  5. On the Square, Capetonian Hotel offers a daily buffet every Monday to Thursday and Sunday for lunch or supper. The Friday and Saturday buffet is bigger and priced higher. Please contact them for current prices.
  6. Al-hambra Restaurant based at the Islamia complex in Lansdowne they do a breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner buffet for 30 people or more on order from R180 per person.
  7. Lady Bee, Dehli Diner. There are 5 branches of this diner. While not exactly a fancy buffet you do have a choice of choosing your meal from a buffet style setup and then paying by weight. Good for if you’re in the area and need to grab a quick meal.
  8. Food Inn India, Diner. This Eastern restaurant serves a variety of Asian and Indian foods. The popular meals are from their Istanbul express selection, their curries and their Indian Thali specials.
  9. Eastern Food Bazaar, Diner. This eatery is located in the old Wellington Fruit Growers Building that stretches between Loop and Darling Street in Central Cape Town. It’s a bustling canteen-style eatery perfect for a quick lunch stop or a casual supper. Prices are super reasonable.


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