3 Halaal Hidden Gems in Cape Town

The best places to try when you’re looking for new experiences are the ones that are popular with the locals. They’re not always the fanciest and might be off the beaten track but you’ll always find them full which attests to good reasons for their popularity. We’ve singled out 3 great spots in Cape Town you have to try if you live here and haven’t yet, or if you’re travelling and should before you leave. In no particular order:

The Butcher’s Wife

As the name suggests, this place is all about the meat. Situated in the suburb of Belgravia on the Cape Flats it’s not your usual tourist hotspot, but for some of the best halaal steaks in town you simply cannot miss them.
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The Daily Coffee

Situated in the coastal town of Gordons Bay this cosey spot is a little halaal haven. Being that there are so few good options in this region The Daily Coffee is a casual spot where you can get decent coffee and some good cafe meals.
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Batavia Cafe

There is a certain allure about a going inside a place that you think will barely take 3 tables and then discovering a whole other world inside. Set on the cobbled Bo Kaap streets and inspired by the Balinese coffee culture this hidden gem has the most serene and tranquil décor. Amidst rustic wooden tables there are quaint little hidey holes with armchairs if all you’re wanting is a coffee and to read your paper. They source local ingredients for their Malay fusion menu which changes based on what’s available. With a view over the cobbled streets it’s the ideal place to take your laptop and work away from the office.
Read more about them here.


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