Bootlegger 3 Anchor Bay Now Open on Saturday Nights

Bootlegger 3 Anchor bay branch have extended their weekend hours and are now open till late on Saturday nights. To top it off, you can get Half-Price Burgers after 16h30.

We got to be of the first patrons to enjoy the new hours. We indulged in Mochas on arrival to start on a sweet note which was really good. Coffee and chocolate is always a Yes from me.

As usual my battery life was low and my power bank uncharged so I needed to find a plug point asap. I tried looking around for a point but someone else was sitting at a table that it was closest too. I appreciated that the barista let me charge my phone at his station but ideally would’ve liked to have it near me. How was I supposed to be tweeting about how great the place is? I don’t think I’d take my laptop and work there. It’s more a place for dates and mates.

I tried the Chicken burger which had chicken, a decent amount of avocado (which stole my heart), rocket and mustard mayo along with sweet potato fries which made my tummy so happy.
I got to sneak a bite of the Bootlegger burger my friend had which kind of resembled a BigMac but the taste was definitely more gourmet.

We ended the night on a sweet note with Cookies and ice cream and mini doughnuts that tasted like it was made by a proper Cape Malay aunty from District 6.

By Tabassum “Smiley” Aleem
Cape Town based social media unicorn that loves exploring places and spaces, meeting new people and stuffing my face with food. Always hungry (for food and knowledge). Here for a good time, not a long time.


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