Food Tripping in Fordsburg

Before moving to Johannesburg last year I was told by so many people about what a food Mecca Fordsburg was. And that it was the go-to place for shopping for Indian clothes, homeware and produce. I was also told never to go on my own and to be super careful while you’re there…

I always thought Gatesville was India central in Cape Town, but guys, Gatesville has nothing on Fordsburg. You need days to get through it all. It’s like souk shopping but there’s so much of it. Street vendors abound. You can drink fresh coconut water, cut in front of you, buy delicious kulfi and get all your Indian veggies. And then there’s the food! So many options I have yet to try.

So yes, perhaps it’s a little dodge and not the jewel it used to be. But if you want to find really good Indian food and explore a place with some real character, you have to make a trip to Fordsburg.

I made a video of my recent foray there. Check it out below.

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