3 New Halaal Restaurants to try in Cape Town

If you haven’t heard there’s been some newness in Cape Town on the halaal restaurant front. A great reason to head out this coming weekend to try something you haven’t had before. First up:

Dip n Dip, V&A

Crepe Fetuccini

This speciality dessertery offers decadent and seriously chocolatey dessert. It’s an international franchise with a branch now where Myatt used to be. Their signature is to drizzle the chocolate over your dessert choice at your table. Be prepared for a sizeable chunk out of your wallet though.
Details here.

Against the Grain Coffee Shop, BoKaap

This newly opened coffee shop has an urban hip, relaxed vibe in the BoKaap serving Malay fusion cuisine. The decor is a big part of the attraction and they serve their own special blend of coffee.
Details here.

Cafe Zor, BoKaap

Cafe Zor is situated in BoKaap, serving delicious coffee, freshly prepared Cape Malay-inspired meals and encourages customers to relax, listen to some vintage vinyl, or grab a book. Vegans and vegetarians are also catered for.
Details here.


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