5 ways to keep supporting your favourite restaurant during the Coronavirus outbreak

South Africa has taken strong and definitive steps to combat Covid 19 and curb the spread of the Coronavirus. In spite of our many failings we must applaud our government for acting quickly. In fact we are acting 6 to 8 weeks earlier than Italy or the USA did.

However this move to isolating ourselves and practice social distancing will impact the travel and hospitality industry most, and restaurant and cafes are bound to suffer badly through this especially the smaller ones that are independently owned.

To help support your favourite daily coffee spot or restaurant that you regularly visit here’s some tips you could employ.

Support small business

When you do choose to eat out, choose a smaller independently owned venue that may need your support more than the larger stores that have the support of large franchises.

Take advantage of Delivery and Takeaway offers

Many restaurants will ramp up their delivery efforts and even be offering some takeaway deals. You can help keep their revenue up by ordering-in every now and then.

Buy Restaurant vouchers as birthday gifts

Get a head start on gifting. Buy vouchers as gifts for upcoming birthdays and celebrations. You’ll solve the headache of trying to find the perfect gift and you’ll be sorted way before you even need it. And you’ll be contributing to a positive cash flow in a time of crisis.

Like, comment, share

If you’re self-isolating or would rather stay home it’s really easy to show your support by going online and interacting with their social media channels. Like, comment on and share their posts and you’ll be giving them exposure when they need it most.

Write a review

Most people write reviews when they’re not happy with an experience. How about sharing the good stuff? Maybe they make the best burger in town or perhaps you keep going back for a dish only they can make just right. Then jump on a platform like www.hungryforhalaal.co.za and share your thoughts.


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