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Things are not ok… but they will be

Things are not ok. They’re ok… but they’re also not. I know many of you are having this weird nagging feeling right now. This sense of we’ll get through this, yet an underlying tension prevails.

Today we begin a 3-week lockdown. Our movements restricted to our homes, shopping for groceries and medical needs only. Covid-19 has pushed the whole world into a discomfort zone. Shaking hands is a no-no, a kiss is like a weapon and visiting your loved ones is a death sentence. Who would have thought that in our lifetime we would experience a phenomenon of this nature. But discomfort causes us to move and perhaps this is a catalyst for something the world really needed – change.

This week Mufti Menk said in one of his videos on Instagram, “I believe the world will not be the same after this”. And how could it? Industry is transforming as I write. People who used to spend all day and often extra hours in an office have quickly been equipped to work at home. I expect we’ll have many large but half-empty office buildings after this. Many will continue to work from home, flexing between school runs and kids schedules, with corporates finally being forced into a new way of working.

Community is finding their humanity. So many calls have been made for people to continue paying their domestic workers, support small businesses, give extra to the car guards before lockdown as they are the ones who will suffer more than most who are able to stock up and weather this time. Already many initiatives are afoot to help alleviate the distress that will be felt in the poorest communities.

I am so proud of our government for how they have been dealing with the crisis. From the difficult decision to declare a lockdown (earlier than many other first world countries) to implementing financial assistance for businesses that will be adversely affected and programmes to help the poor.

Those of us with small businesses will be affected the most. Unfortunately, not all smaller and some larger businesses will be able to survive this period. Some will close down not only because of circumstance but also because of mindset. It can be hard to change your method or way of operating when you’re bogged down with anxiety and worry. I felt a bit like that this week. Everything in my head just came to a screeching halt. Paralysed by the unknown I found it hard to focus and barely mustered up the energy to do the bare minimum. Until, amidst all the online noise and information overwhelm, I read one line on a WhatsApp message this week…

Energy flows, where focus goes.

And that changed everything for me.

I was focussing on the problem and in so doing I was internalising that negative energy which was clouding my vision and sense of perspective. I needed to focus on what opportunities this disruption might bring and put my energy into developing those ideas. That WhatsApp message was a lifeline that came just in time. Thank you Joshna. Because what you constantly dwell upon will eventually manifest and I needed to push my energy into the right direction.

So I want to remind you all to be positive during this time. Be careful and follow the rules, but think and be positive. Focus on the opportunities you may not have seen and let your energy flow in that direction. And who knows, when this is over, your world may not be the same… it may be better.

Be safe.
Much love.


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