How to eat out during lockdown

Connection is one of the most integral aspects of being human. We do this by gathering, meeting up, socialising and visiting. And often we do this with food involved. Whether it’s by entertaining in our homes or eating out at our favourite eatery or celebrating somewhere special. In our current lockdown situation we have to adapt and find meaningful ways to keep that connection. Here are some ways to still feel like you’re eating out while eating in.

Have a virtual get-together: Online platforms like Skype, Zoom and WebinarJam have never been more relevant. But why limit them to business meetings and conferencing? Whip out your webcams and co-ordinate dinners with family or friends. You can see each other on computer or smart TV screens and even chat together via your microphone and speakers.

Remember Date Night: For many parents, regular date nights help to keep relationships healthy amid the grind of kids routines, school runs and homework. I bet many of you have forgotten that you still need that private time in spite of being thrown together 24-7. Why not set aside some time at night after the kids have gone to sleep, make a special meal or even just a special dessert. Dim the lights and focus on just being together.

Do an online cooking course: Involve the whole family in a fun activity that teaches you new skills in the kitchen. Learn to make something you’re not used to or would dare to make under normal circumstances. Try your hand at sushi-making where you’d normally just go out for it. Or upskill your cake decorating or pastry making efforts. Then enjoy the fruits of your labour in a picture-perfect setting. Websites like Instructables.com have free online courses but you can also do online courses via Yuppiechef, Capsicum Cooking School or Udemy. And there are loads of Masterclasses by renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsey, Dominic Ansel and more.

Takeaway Nights: Missing your favourite takeout? Let each family member get a turn to choose their favourite takeout for a night. Then get cracking to re-create the menu items. The internet is full of copycat recipes and some franchises’ signature sauces are available to purchase from the shops. It may not be 100% the same but it will be great fun trying.

What have you tried to make dining more exciting at home? Tell us in the comments or send us your pics at info@hungryforhalaal.co.za or tag us on social media. We’d love to check them out. 😀


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  • Salaams, I hope you are well and safe.

    Both my daughter and I are working from home.Youngest daughter has online college classes and hubby not working. At lunchtime because the weather has been so good, we have a lunchtime picnic on the front lawn.
    We take turns at making sandwiches or warming leftovers, layout the picnic blanket and enjoy each other’s company for an hour. It has brought us closer as a family and made us wiser as individuals.
    I love our closeness and we have amazing chats.
    That is my take on lockdown

    • Wslm. Thank you for that comment Zarena. How could I forget picnics? I’ve been doing this even before lockdown. My 7 yr old loves when we picnic in the yard. I’m going to add it into my article. I love that it has made you closer as a family. Beautiful.