Review: Ooh Fudge Gift Box

There’s nothing as heartbreaking to a mother as her child being sad and lonely. Taufeeq is an only child, so lockdown has really taken its toll on him with no siblings to keep him company, and hardly ever going out of the house for the last two months. I work from home so my time, while flexible is still predominantly taken up by work and Taufeeq mostly has to keep himself occupied with his toys, gadgets and TV games, amidst homework and madressa.

So when Eid came around we wanted to make it special for him even though it would have to be just us at home instead of the usual rounds of family visits where he would get to see all his cousins and friends. At seven years old he had managed to fast 22 full days of the month, so for his Eidi, we split it into 22 R10 notes. One for each day that he had fasted. And as a special treat we gave him the sweetest gift in the form of an Ooh Fudge Gift box and watched his delight as he opened it up on Eid morning. Taufeeq has a serious sweet tooth which we have to work hard to keep under control but we made an exception for Eid day and let him go to town.

The box is filled to the brim with a large packet of Gummi candies, the freshest exotic mixed nuts, biltong, Cookies from the Cookie Carnival Co., a brownie and of course the highlight of the box, 6 bars of creamy Ooh Fudge fudge one of which is the new Date Fudge, the first from their new Wellness range.

Taufeeq tore into the colorful Unicorn fudge straight away and was kind enough to offer me tiniest smidgen of a bite from his bar. As always the texture of the fudge was so creamy so me not fighting Taufeeq tooth and nail to claim all the fudge out of that box was a true act of Mother’s love. I like that the product is chocolate based and not sugary or overly sweet. It is Preservative Free which makes for a shorter shelf life but a healthier treat to put into your body.

The Date fudge is from their new range, which includes healthier options with less sugar. Guys, this is my new favourite. It’s made with 70% dark chocolate and is sweetened with dates. No condensed milk at all! It is a chocoholic’s dream. They are working on a sugar-free diabetic-friendly version too. The cookies did not travel well and some of them had broken but they tasted great and were a good quality cookie. The flavours include Vanilla Choc Chip, Choc Smartie and Romany Drizzle.

This gift box is a wonderful treat for anyone that needs to be spoiled a little. You can shop it online at their website www.oohfudge.co.za as they are able to trade during lockdown and can deliver directly to you. As a special gift to my readers they are offering 10% OFF not only the Gift Box but everything on their website if you use my special code at checkout: H4H.

Go on and spoil someone. Even better, spoil yourself!


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