10 Things that Annoy me at Restaurants

We’ve all encountered restaurant experiences that are great and some that are well under par. Sometimes it’s the restaurant that does not deliver and sometimes it’s the customer. These are some of things that really get my goat…

The beady eye

When your waiter is more condescending than your boss. Don’t give me the up and down deciding whether I’m good enough to eat at your posh joint. My cash is the same colour as everyone else’s.

Pizza envy

When your pizza arrives and half the slices are bigger than the others. Really, you cannot see that this could be a problem…?

Wobbly tables

The least you can do is fix your wobbly table rather than have my coffee slide to floor. Sticking a folded serviette under the foot is a short-term solution but I want to scream when I come back to the same place and another wobbly table!


When one person in the group is mean or inconsiderate to the waiter. Makes we want to crawl under the table and die.


Waiters who throw shade on tips or the lack thereof – this one makes my blood boil. Let me just say that the restaurant industry should pay their staff a decent wage. You can read more about my views on tipping here.

The Thirsty one

People who always order a glass of water as soon as they have sat down and by the time they leave have only had 2 sips.

Bad timing

This one is common. The waiter who always arrives to enquire about your meal and you have something to say but your mouth is full.

Let me check on that…

When your waiter has to go back to the kitchen more than once because she does not know the menu properly and has to check with the chef. Training your staff about your menu so they are knowledgeable is a basic courtesy to your customers.

Fashionably late food

Food arriving at different times. This is ok for people coming to parties, not for my meal. I don’t relish the idea of watching my partner eating and awkwardly offering me part of his meal because my food has not arrived yet. The only exception to this is when you have small kids. Their food should arrive first. Every time! Parents, you know what I’m talking about.

Sparkling water

Nuff said!

Do you have a pet peeve? Please share it in the comments.

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