Level 3 Rules for Restaurants and Hospitality

We have moved to level 3 lockdown from 1 June and this has meant more businesses are now able to trade. However, there are still rules that need to be observed. Here’s what you can expect from restaurants under level 3.

  • Restaurants can now open their drive-thrus.
  • Food can now be collected from restaurants.
  • Supermarkets can now sell hot food.
  • Very concerningly though not relevant to most of this audience, alcohol can now be sold for home consumption by restaurants and bars.
  • Domestic travel will be allowed for business travellers.
  • The lifting of the country’s curfew (20h00 – 05h00).

There are rules that need to be observed in spite of going to level 3:

  • Everyone must wear a mask, all staff and even customers collecting food.
  • Every company must have a COVID-19 compliance officer.
  • Social distancing still needs to be observed. This could mean less staff at any one time.
  • No sit-down diners will be allowed.

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