What Restaurants could look like in the Future

The last 3 months has proved that during a global pandemic, we all turn to food. And while Coronavirus may have unleashed the inner cook/baker in many of us I for one am looking forward to being able to go out and have dinner away from my own dining table for a change… one day…. in the hopefully not too distant future…. I hope….

Ok, so before I start wailing, I’ve been wondering what it would be like dining out again. There will certainly be many new considerations. Customers will be making choices based on a restaurant’s safety measures put in place. Do they take reservations so you don’t have to congregate while waiting. How are they ensuring social distancing?

Restaurants around the world have started responding to some of these concerns in innovative and novel ways.

Mediamatic ETEN, a restaurant in Amsterdam, is offering a four-course vegetarian menu for diners — served to guests while they sit in their own personal quarantine greenhouses.

@le_kreamery in Pretoria has revived the Road House theme of eating in your car. The Winter Wonderland Road House combines the elegant presentation of their menu items with the fun idea of serving you at your car. They have made going to the roadhouse a stylish affair.

This Japanese Zoo employs stuffed animals to secure social distancing in its restaurant. This is such a warm and fuzzy way to to bring across this message. (Excuse the pun).


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The Hamburg Rollercoaster restaurant uses an innovative rollercoaster concept to get food to the tables. No waiters needed. You order online via a tab, pay by card and your food arrives in sealed containers. Read more about it in a previous blog post here when the hubby went to Europe.

Diners wearing masks may not be practical, but having wait and kitchen staff suited up in masks may become a non-negotiable of the future.

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