Easy Koeksister Recipe

Sundays are made for….? Koeksisters of course! Or Koesisters as they have been adapted to. This is to differentiate this spicy Malay version from the twisty, sweet Boere Koeksister that is denser and not spicy at all.

This recipe is so easy you won’t want to order your Sunday koeksisters any more. Courtesy of my cousin in law Hafsa who is often my source of amazing recipes. Mix the dough at night. It takes 10 minutes. And the next morning it will take you less than an hour to have the fluffiest, freshest, warm nuggets of deliciousness for breakfast.

Koeksisters (Koesisters)
Recipe: Hafsa Parker @healing_elements_cape_town
📸 @hungryforhalaal

1 cup Sugar
2 tsp Salt
2 tsp Oil
1 kg Flour
2.5 tsp Ginger
2.5 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Nutmeg
3 tsp Naartjie peel
2 tsp Aniseed
1 Egg
125g Mashed Potato
1tblsp Butter
3 cups Water – Lukewarm
1pkt Instant yeast

3 cups Sugar (to 2 cups water)
2 teaspoon rose water
Few elachi/cardamom and cinnamon sticks
Mix 1/3 sugar with mashed potato and butter. Blend till smooth. Add Egg
Mix 2/3 of the Sugar, salt and oil
Add water
Add yeast, flour and other dry ingredients
Make a soft dough
Cover and allow to rise overnight

Next morning, punch dough down lightly. Use oiled hands to make balls onto a floured surface. Cover and allow to rise for half an hour. Lightly pull into an oval shape and fry in deep oil.

Boil syrup ingredients together till it’s slightly thick and can coat a spoon. Keep warm on stove. Drop hot koeksisters in and remove to plate. Sprinkle to your hearts desire with dessicated coconut. Bask in the love and adoration of your loved ones.

Makes about 45. Freezes well before syruping. I left out the potato and naartjie peel and it was still the best ever. Thank you @hafsaparker


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