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Managing the emotional and physical fallout of COVID-19 with Dr Sedicka Laskery, Integrative Medicine Specialist.

‘lt is more important to know  what  sort of person has a disease than to know  what sort of disease a person has ‘ – Hippocrates

Integrative Medicine focuses on the orientation of medicine from one of disease to one of healing. Where opting to use traditional, holistic and complementary healing arts is merged with the background of Conventional Medicine in practice. Acknowledging the ancient origins of medicine to adopting an approach to healing that recognises the holistic and unique nature of human beings applicable to the 21st century and truly scientifically evidence-based! Read more about Integrative Medicine here.

Wow, did you ever anticipate such a radical change to our world!? It clearly shows us the temporary nature of life. This hence is a time to change your mindset around lifestyle choices. To perhaps look at life with depth and intuition.

Let’s look at COVID-19 and the wealth of positive change stemming from it. How do we govern our way through the terrain of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Well the answers do partly live inside us. Its more a question of what do l take out of this unique time? So let’s check in with ourselves. Let’s reflect upon what l wish to share with you today.

It’s so easy to go into panic mode! As the wave of COVID-19 puts society more at risk, leading to setting boundaries and possible self-quarantine. Its deeper message is: let’s reflect, introspect and grow our awareness of our daily living practices.

What are we doing to turn the panic into a proactive healthier way of life?🤔

Take a step back and visualise this:

 “WE EAT, WE WORK, WE STRESS, WE SLEEP. This cycle becomes more and more a norm of repetition that we DO NOT even realise whether we are functioning in the present moment or walking in the daze of the subconscious mind? Maybe the deeper good of our pandemic is to RESET and REWIRE our behavioural norms from: ‘What is abnormal HAS BECOME normal.’ Lets take the blessing out of this adversity and reshape our thinking .’’

During the lockdown, l found myself sitting very quietly. Introspecting and reflecting like l normally do. I came across this thought of, what is it that makes us humans feel so so challenged to making positive change? Why do we lose focus on the bigger picture?

Well, there many answers to this! I leave this for your own introspection and reflection. Somewhere in it, you should find yourself noticing the need to take action. But in order to do so, it starts with contemplation then the intention arises which leads up to the action. It’s healthy to be progressive in thinking but it’s also very important to acknowledge our feelings.

Stepping into the space of feeling helps us remain human and aware of how we feel around events that take place in our lives. It is through reflection that we find ourselves making change. And it is with willpower to fight our ego the pessimist, to allow the inner self to rise above and see that positive change can only bring good.

What you choose to focus on grows!
So is it fear or hope?
Letting go is a big challenge for most of us. We fear loss of control. In most instances, it’s usually things we can’t control or which is beyond human control.
Surrender it!

Embrace change. Allow yourself to let go of the need for complete control. Manifesting the best in us requires us to see and share our vulnerabilities, taking the leap of faith, understanding that the unknown is part of life and that everything has its beginning and end. The sooner we allow ourselves to let go of the past and welcome the present moment the healthier we become.

So indeed the way forward in the midst of COVID-19 is to build our resilience mind, body and soul. Let’s extrapolate further.

So what are my thoughts today? 🖋

Building a powerful immune system is your shield to COVID-19. The basic principles of Integrative Medicine are designed around optimisation of health. What more can one ask for? The ethos is to preserve life, to have true quality of life and overall improved cell health through combining mind, body, energy and soul work!

This means a Pandemic like COVID-19 is a wake-up call to all of us! Lift the blinkers and see the bigger picture…

 Reflective thoughts to ponder on:🌄

Cultivating Balance and supporting health starts with taking heed of all the factors that directly impact maintaining a balanced way of life. At this given moment , ask yourself “where am I at right now?’’ That ‘sigh’ has a direct impact on the immune system. Did you know that your stress, sleep deprivation and even the PING from your whatsapp messages suppress your immunity? Let alone the EMF Radiation?🛰️

At a time when society doesn’t know whether they are coming or going and stress levels are skyrocketing, your immune system feels that knock even more. There are so many lifestyle factors directly influencing the status of your immunity! What are you doing for your immunity today?😳

Connect mindfully with me… Explore and understand the essence of vitality for robust immunity. ⏳

The Nature of Perfect Health 🌱⛰️

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” It is our evolutionary impulse to progress in our lives, to seek and attain balance, and to be healthy and strong.

So what does Dr. Sedicka Laskery have in mind for you?😊

1) The gut-brain axis… your gut is your second brain and the seat of most of your immunity.
Learn how the one influences the other creating a direct impact on immunity🧬 – Thursday 5 November 8pm – Instagram

2) Let us clean up the Pantry and initiate that process of healing.
What foods to implement as a starting point. 😋 Sunday 8 November 2pm – Instagram

3) Every stress response leads to dampening your immunity.
Get more acquainted with understanding what and how cortisol stresses the body and its implications😵 Friday 13 November 8pm – Instagram

4) Stop the ‘doing mode’ and go into the ‘being mode!’
Spend time on valuable mindfulness tools in daily living that will help regulate your immunity which alleviates the stress hormone burden in your bloodstream!😌 Sunday 15 November 11am – Instagram

5) Explore why sleep is so important for healthy immunity and clean up your sleep ritual..
Prepare yourself into the right zone for sleep and benefit from mindfulness ‘sleep hygiene’ and tips😴 Thursday 19 November 8pm – Instagram

I look absolutely forward to interacting with you and revolutionising your health.

Yours in wellness
Dr.Sedicka Laskery
MBCHB stell
Integrative Medical Doctor

Dr Sedicka Laskery is an Integrative Medicine Specialist. She focuses on using integrated holistic interventions in the healing and prevention of medical conditions and to reach optimum balance.

​Her experiences include working in the mainstream sector (prior to embarking into specialist studies in Integrative Functional Medicine) at Groote Schuur Hospital, Mitchell’s Plain District Hospital and Red Cross Hospital. This clinical experience sharpens the knowledge of a practitioner that further ventures into a field that approaches health care from a philosophical level of holistic well-being.

Dr Laskery believes in changing the patient’s life story to a story that creates more meaning through awakening the inner self. She is of the opinion that Integrative Medicine is the best foundation for a practice in health!

Join us on Instagram in the coming weeks when we will be having a series of Live chats with Dr Laskery on how to manage the physical and emotional fallout from COVID-19.


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