Halaal food in Bloemfontein

The “Vrystaat” is notoriously one of the most Afrikaans regions of South Africa. With a small Muslim presence it is not known for being very halaal friendly. However, for many travellers it is a key stop over on the route to Johannesburg from Cape Town. If you’re in need of halaal options while you’re there we’ve put together this handy list to make life a little easier.

Fatima’s Halaal Kitchen. Restaurant/takeaway 0838621817
Kauai at the Waterfront is Halaal
Burger King Westdene and Chicken Licken Middestad Mall are halaal as per their websites.
Don Bau Takeaway – 21 Alexandra Ave, Bloemfontein Central 071 367 7292
There are 5 KFC’s and 4 McDonalds in Bloemfontein. All Kfc’s and McD’s in South Africa are halaal as per their websites.

Bismillah Halaal Butchery, Alexandra Avenue, Albany court 078 021 6767
Breys Meat Market.
Fatima’s Halaal Kitchen. Restaurant/takeaway. Call Hassan for delivery of meat products: 0838621817

Nuraan: +27 84 422 1342
Fatima Seedat: +27 76 646 0844
Khatija Sheikh: +27 72 229 8279
Shamila Sheikh: +27 74 491 8230
Farhana Del Presto +27 82 478 6782

If you know of anyone who should be added to this list please comment on this post or drop us an email at info@hungryforhalaal.co.za.

All the above was sourced online or supplied by readers. Please verify with the establishment about their halaal status.


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  • The Kauai at Northridge virgin active and in Langenhoven park is halal. The Mochachos in Prellar square is halal too.

  • Afternoon

    Another Halaal restaurant in Bloemfontein is Zaika restaurant and take away at Preller shopping centre.
    They use Bismillah Halaal Butchery for their meat and halaal shops in Jhb for other ingredients.
    Please contact the owner Tariq – 081 796 9934

    • I have seen alcohol on the pics that have been uploaded to Google. I am now confused about what Halaal may mean to this establishment…

  • Please remove the kfc’s, Macdonalds and burger kings from this list. It is misleading people. These places are not muslim owned and there is no supervision to unsure non contamination.

    Halaal does not only mean the meat must be from an halaal source. What about non halaal ingredients used in these premises. Which muslim is supervising these outlets?

    The responsibility for those eating haraam foods lies upon you. People will not verify with the establishments when you’ve already approved it for them in this email

    • Halaal certification bodies who certify these establishments are informed by far more learned scholars than ourselves. If we cannot trust that they are rendering a trustworthy service then we also cannot eat about 60% of all consumer goods within the South African market.

    • Krispy King is Muslim owned franchise and the store owners are Muslims too.
      tourist Centre and Harvey Rd