Barfi Recipe

I cannot remember an Eid where there was not a platter of Barfi on our family treats table. We would usually start Eid prep about 2 days before and would still be busy late at night. But we didn’t mind the late hours as it was all in the anticipation of a day filled with family and celebration.

The orange bag of Nestlé Klim is a well-known institution for most families around this time heralding this rich and creamy Indian sweetmeat. My mum’s barfi was well known and cousins would make sure they popped in especially to have their share. Find her recipe below, and if you try it, please tag me in your posts and let me know what you think.


Recipe: @hungryforhalaal
Photo: @hungryforhalaal

500g Nestlé KLIM milk powder
125ml Fresh Cream
125ml Butter
400g Icing sugar
50g ground Almonds
1 tsp ground Elachi (cardamom)

Rub cream into KLIM till it looks like breadcrumbs. Press through sieve or pulse in a food processor till fine.
Melt 1.5 tbsp sugar in 1.5 cups hot water. Add butter and when melted add icing sugar. Cook for 7-10 minute on low heat. Add the KLIM mixture, almonds and elachi and stir together quickly.
Remove from stove and leave for a few hours. Press into a tray and cut into blocks. Decorate with silver foil and crushed rose petals for a modern touch or go classic with coloured slivered almonds.


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