Launch of the Not So Clenergy Menu

Launched in November 2019 with a loyal customer base to their unique clean eating menu, Clenergy recently expanded its menu to include not-so-Clenergy meals. Waseema Reyaazudien attended the launch of the new menu this February and tells us all about the new dishes on offer.

Having spoken to the owners of Clenergy, power couple Abdulla and Tasneem Miya, confirmed that the “not-so-Clenergy” menu was created for those individuals, family members, friends or colleagues who prefer “not-so-healthy foods” and thus ensuring that there is something for everyone.

We were met by Tasneem who quickly clued us up on their proceedings for the launch. It was a short wait for the rest of the attendees, before Abdulla briefed us on Clenergy, and the latest additions to their menu. He explained that along with the huge variety offered in their Clenergy meals, the not-so-Clenergy menu are not as low carb, sugar free or gluten free compared to their Clenergy alternatives. The menu offers your normal fast foods but still with quality ingredients and flavour loaded. Ingredients were carefully selected, recipes tested and the menu took months of preparation and perfecting till they were completely happy to include them.

The glass topped tables were arranged like a buffet spreading lengthwise from the entrance towards their café and kitchen. Candle lit, tall clear glass lanterns with fresh flowers in vases and tea candles in small glass boxes, lined their centres.

The not-so Clenergy meals were aesthetically pleasing and enticing to my husband (the not so avid clean-eater, my plus one) and I (the avid clean- eater). On separate tables were spread out the not-so-Clenergy “desserts, toasted sandwiches and pizzas”.

Desserts included their:

  • syrupy French toast with fresh cream, strawberries and figs
  • chocolate drizzled pocket pancakes
  • chocolate topped chocolate chip flapjacks
  • milkshakes were: Lotus Biscoff Biscuit Shake, strawberry and bubble gum

Pizzas were:

  • Margherita
  • Feta and torn spinach with onion rings
  • Chicken and feta with baby tomatoes

Toasted sandwiches with potato chips were:

  • Toasted Chicken and mayo
  • Toasted Steak special

On the main table attendees were further spoilt with an array of not-so-Clenergy platters or individual servings which included breakfast, lunch and dinner options:

  • Breakfast croissants with scrambled eggs, roasted tomatoes, fried onions on a bed of rocket and drizzled with Balsamic glaze
  • A Farmhouse breakfast: Freshly prepared sausage with masala eggs, macon, crispy fried onions, baby tomatoes served with BBQ sauce and wheat free toast with butter
  • A variety of Breakfast muffins
  • T- Bone steak with mushroom or pepper sauce on the side or smothered on top, with potato chips and onion rings. 
  • Slider Burgers in their iconic flavours were: cheddamelt, sweet chilli, smashed avo, New Yorker, French, hot & spicy, Yankee, Greek,
  • Hot wings made with their unique batter served with chilly mayo.
  • Chicken wraps

What did we try?

My husband tried the Biscoff milkshake, the cheddamelt slider burger, and a hot wing and I ate a cheese slider burger, a chicken and feta pizza slice and a hotwing. Initially, we confused the milkshakes in short glasses to be a mousse dessert due to its creamy appearance. We both agreed they were deliciously creamy without being too heavy, even if a tad too sweet. The short glasses were perfect for us as they were still filling. I’d recommend pairing larger milkshakes with snack type meals, appetisers or smaller servings, so you don’t feel overly full.

The hotwings were addictive with their unique crispy (I think Corn flakes) batter and had just the right amount of spicyness coming through. It’s sure to keep hotwing fans happy. I was glad it wasn’t the usual sticky BBQ wings. I contemplated seconds. While my husband may not have, as he is not a fan of hot wings due to the meat to bone ratio (lol), he also enjoyed it. The clenergy version of the hotwings provides a sesame seed-crusted alternative. I will be sure to try those the next time.

The pizza was thin crust, just the way I prefer, and cheesy with generous meat toppings. My husband prefers a thicker crust, so would need a few more slices to fuel him. His favourite?  the slider burger which was very meaty, wholesome and flavourful for a slider, but says he could have eaten 2 more as a meal. I liked my cheeseburger slider, I appreciated the thick patty, which was well done yet moist and full of flavour with fresh buns. However the hotwings stood out for me.

We then tried out their pocket pancakes, flapjacks and French toast from the desserts menu, which we mistaken for a Breakfast menu, until we saw the milkshakes. The pocket pancakes were soft and fluffy, filled with strawberry and bananas, and drizzled with chocolate. The flapjacks were also light and fluffy, though we found them a bit on the dry side. The French toast was well balanced, and we both loved it. It wasn’t overly eggy or sweet and it was deliciously moist. I was expecting alot more though, in the desserts category, and hoped to see more creative or deconstructed type of desserts. The kind we don’t whip up at home but nonetheless inspires us to recreate them.

I think enjoying a cuppa though with their delicious French toast alone or with company, near their open window screens in the patio area will make you feel transported to a French café.

It’s always the little things that matter. What stood out for me was the kindness of the owners and their genuineness in wanting to better the lives and health of their customers. The service and experience is just as important as the food. Tasneem informed me, that they also cater for all occasions and cater and host events at the premises.  They also advise their customers, drawing from their extensive wellness knowledge and sometimes experience on food items and over the counter supplements to help address common ailments, eg, sinusitis, celiac disease, IBS etc.

Life is about finding a good balance and Abdulla believes that South Africans, even though very slowly, are moving towards healthier meals and Clenergy aims to make that transition as smooth and delicious as possible. I’m excited to see Clenergy continue to make huge strides.

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