7 Tips to Prepare for Ramadaan

7 Tips to Prepare for Ramadaan

Life moves so fast nowadays that often before you know it Ramadaan is upon us before we have had a chance to prepare either physically or spiritually. I little spiritual preparation though would go a long way to reaping greater benefits out of the holy month.

When we create an expectation and a build up we are more likely to immerse ourselves in the spirit of the month. Not just the act of fasting from food, but also controlling our nafs (ego), our sexual desires and consciously abstaining from those little sins of the tongue that come too easily. Here are some ways we can prepare ourselves ahead of the month to achieve more of our Ramadaan goals.

  1. Make a list of what you want to achieve during the month. Is it to read a full khatam of the Quran or just a page a day? Is it to break a bad habit? Have a clear intention and keep it realistic and achievable.
  2. Start keeping Nafl (voluntary) fasts ahead of time. Mondays and Thursdays are sunnah days to fast. This will prepare your mind and body for the upcoming full month of fasting.
  3. Start to curb bad habits. Ease up on those many cups of coffee a day. Slow down on your smoking. It’s not easy but trying to curb these habits ahead of time will make it easier when you have to stop completely in Ramadaan.
  4. Plan your days. You won’t be taking breaks to eat. So plan your breaks around prayer times instead of working through or scheduling meetings in that time if possible.
  5. Seek knowledge and read about Ramadaan. The more you know about Ramadaan the more you can apply, hence multiplying your rewards.
  6. Prepare your home before Ramadaan. Spring clean the house to reduce clutter. This will also help to reduce the clutter in the mind and create focus for the month. Do your major shopping ahead of time and even prepare some freezer meals ahead to free up time during the month you can use to achieve more of your Ramadaan goals.
  7. Plan your meals. Create a meal planner for Ramadaan. This will take the pressure off those “what to cook” days and leave you more time for worship. Alert: Look out for a convenient Meal Planner that we have planned for you – coming next week.

A pious man once said: “Rajab is the month to sow the seeds; Sha’ban is the month to irrigate the crop; and Ramadan is the month to reap the harvest!” While we are already half way through Sha’ban it’s never too late to start preparing.

What are you doing to prepare for Ramadan?  Let us know in the comments section!


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