How to Make Nabeez, Sunnah drink of the Prophet (SAW)

Staying hydrated while fasting during Ramadan is one of the key ways of maintaining energy levels during the day. It’s even more important than eating. One of the significant drinks of Ramadan is Nabeez or Nabidh. A Sunnah and favourite drink of the Prophet Mohammed SAW. Traditionally made with either dates or raisins, but never mixed.

Nabeez has many health benefits. It is an alkalizing tonic, removing acidity from the stomach & other metabolic wastes from the body. With all the health benefits of dates, it can be energising and rejuvenating.

Making Nabeez is incredibly simple.

You will need:
6 pitted fresh dates or 4 Tbsp raisins. Ajwa dates are preferred but you can use any variety. I used Medjool.
2 cups fresh water

In the evening simply put the dates into a jar and pour the water over. Cover with a plate or lid and leave overnight. The drink should be consumed the next morning or within 12 hours of making it. Any longer and it will start to ferment and produce alcohol. If you are not going to have it straight away, it can be stored in the fridge for 2 or 3 days. The pulpy dates can be eaten with a spoon or blended with the water to make a more cloudy drink.

I found this drink surprisingly sweet and refreshing and am trying to have it on a daily basis. It can be a little expensive as you end up using a lot of dates this way. But for the sake of the health benefits, it may be well worth the expense.


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